“Organic Products India, the leading manufacturer and exporter of natural herbs, organic spices and seeds will be participating in the ‘Anuga’ from 7th October through 11th October 2017″. It has been declared that Organic Products India will participate in Anuga held between 7-11 October, 2017. This exhibition will be held in Cologne, Germany which focuses on a varied sector of […]

Sesame seeds or Sesamum Indicuma plant is not only a native to Africa & India but widely used across the globe. Asia is the largest consumer of Sesame Seeds & the west is surely following the footsteps. Sesame seeds are like one of the super food since ages where our ancestors found multiple ways to consume this amazing seed. As […]

Hello All, “Organic Products India, the leading manufacturer and exporter of, organic & Conventional seeds and spices will be participating in the ‘WorldFood’ from 11th September through 14th September 2017″. It has been declared that Organic Products India will participate in the World Food Exhibition between 11 – 14 September 2017. This exhibition will be held in Moscow, Russia which […]

We all know that the colour BLACK has been a universal favorite since generations & is also associated with negatives as Black magic. An extreme contrast but ‘Black’ is truly magical with the spices! Yes, I am talking of the magical results that some Black spices can bring to your life & your health. It is a dismal to know […]

Organic Products India is a global supplier of Organic as well as Conventional oil seeds and spices from last two decades. We have been helping many companies across the globe to procure the seeds and spices at the right time and at a competitive price, so as to encourage our clients to be more competitive in their region. As the […]

Savouring the delicacies is what awakens the taste buds of humans. A favourite food of any means not compromising on the taste of it. Our food consists of various flavours. But looking at today’s generation it’s all about taste as well as healthy food. It’s time to find about substitutes for it. Let’s see what all do we have in […]

For manufactured product exporters, the most significant impact would be an increased requirement and blockage of working capital. For manufacturing a product, a firm buys locally or imports raw material and machinery. The current export schemes allow firms to buy these without payment of applicable duties through ab-initio exemption or subsequent refund of duties. The proposed GST system mandates that […]

Soybean, is a kharif or summer crop in India which has its native from China. China introduced Soybeans or Soya beans to North America. Since then the crop is widely cultivated in USA, China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina & India. As the consumption of Soybean is less in India, it was cultivated only to be an export crop. But with the […]

In past 20 years, the Organic is a trending and popularly growing sector of the food industry. As per the market research, USA customers have spent around 31.9 Billion on Organic Food. More over in 2015 it has been increased by 11% as compare to 2014. People are now well aware of the organic food benefits and its nutritive healthy contribution to […]

Well, the “Super foods” concept is trending all over the world & making a big fuss. We can find various super foods from various countries placed in the special section in a grocery store. So what are these super foods that are making the whole world go crazy? There are so many buying them everyday & so many benefitting out […]