Flax Seeds or Linseeds are tiny brown or golden color seeds that are an extraordinarily rich source of micronutrients, fibre, vitamin B, essential oil & omega-3 fatty acid. Well, a small wonder as this seed is, it is supposed to be a quintessential part of our diets. We normally consume these seeds in supplements; however, the safest & healthiest way […]

Welcome to Organic Products India, India’s premium Quality Sesame Exporter. We introduce ourselves as manufacturer and suppliers of Sesame Seeds from Gujarat, India. Our manufacturing unit is situated in Gujarat which is known as the Sesame cultivating region of India. As a supplier of Sesame Seeds, we offer a wide variety of Organic and Conventional Natural Sesame Seeds, Hulled Sesame […]

“Organic Products India and Veerral Agro Tech, the leading manufacturers and exporters of natural herbs, organic spices and seeds will be participating in the ‘Natural Products Expo West‘ from 8th March to 10th March, 2018,to take place at the Anaheim Convention Center, North Halls, California, USA“. It has been declared that Organic Products India and Veerral Agro Tech will participate […]

Just like every year, we gear up for BIOFACH 2018! The most awaited trade-fair for organic suppliers across the country. BIOFACH has provided a huge platform for organic producers world-wide. This fair can precisely be called an organic idea or concept promotion. The world is gradually coming in support of the organic produce & why not, there are tremendous health […]

Leading Indian company dealing in natural herbs, organic spices and seeds to showcase their products in ‘Biofach 2018’ from 14th to 17th February. The global awareness of the goodness of natural resources resulted in ‘organic’ becoming the new mantra for food producers. That is why it is a great opportunity for Organic Products India to participate in Biofach 2018 to […]

In South Asian countries Nigella Sativa is wildly used for medicine purpose as a Natural Remedy for various diseases. As per the history, the seeds are in use from last 2000 years. In most of the South Asian Countries the seeds are called by many names like Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seeds and Black Seeds. However in India it is […]

Psyllium Husk and its Powder is a food supplement used for intestinal health and weight control. Made for anyone who is unable to include optimum fibre in their diet, it is made up of Psyllium Seeds that helps to improve digestion and reduce appetite due to spongy fibre. Naturally Gluten Free, Psyllium Husk and its Powder turn into gel when […]

The Sesame market of India is highly volatile at the moment. There are many reasons for that, however to sum up the main reasons are as below: Import duty levied on import of edible oils & oilseeds Heavy rain fall & floods in the Sesame producing regions of India Less arrival of the crop till date One of the major […]

The Indian Import export market is highly volatile in the recent times due to the changing government reforms. The GOI (Government of India) recently increased the import duties on various edible oils (Sesame, Flax, Soybeans, Mustard, Amaranth etc.) ranging between 60% to 100%. This initiative by the GOI was with a motive to help the Indian farmers & encourage more […]

We often hear about the process of Steam Sterilization these days & have our understanding of the process as well as some myths associated with the same. Just to name a few, some believe that steam sterilization might cook the product to some extent or change its color or composition! But really what is this process & why do we […]