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5 Herbs That Help You Protect from the Flu

Herbs are plants with fragrant properties that are used for flavouring and embellishing food for medicinal purposes. These are leaf part of a plant that is used in cooking either fresh or dried. Each herbhas their own set of health-promoting properties and is a fantastic way to add flavour and colour to any kind of drink or dish.

Winter is here, and while after a long summer you might love the cold air, it is also a season when influenza attacks a lot of people. Influenza is a viral infection that is prevalent during the winter time. Many individuals associate it with common cold because both are respiratory diseases. Although having similar symptoms, both are triggered by different viruses.The flu is very easy to spread and affects our lungs, throat and nose. Using kitchen herbs that act as an effective home remedy, we can protect ourselves during the flu season.

Herbs that will help you protect against the flu:

  • Andrographis

    King of the Bitters, a popular Chinese herbal medicine used for infections and inflammation, is also known. By regulating the expression of a specific peptide, which has been found to have a significant role in innate immunity, it performs its anti-microbial effects.

    In a pilot study, patients were received tablets containing mainly andrographis and a small amount of Siberian ginseng for 5 days. They experienced less flu complications relative to those in the control group. The herbs also helped to minimize the length of the illness and to induce a faster recovery. It also helped them to reduce the number of days on sick leave.

  • Berberine

    This is an active part of herbs such as coptis, phellodendron and goldenseal. Berberine was shown to minimize the mortality rate from 90 percent to 55 percent in a mouse study and decrease viral titres in the lungs 3. Berberine has also inhibited the activity of viral neuraminidase and the in vitro development of inflammatory substances, indicating that it may prevent further harm to the tissues and organs of the body.

  • Echinacea

    One of the herbs most commonly used for the treatment of influenza. By enhancing and modulating it, it acts on the immune system, and it has anti-viral and antibacterial properties. By reducing the severity of respiratory symptoms, Echinacea can improve the response to the influenza vaccine. In addition, a laboratory experiment showed that E.purpurea root avoided influenza Av. 

  • Thyme

    It contains essential oils and bitter compounds. These are believed to add to its antiseptic and immune-supporting behaviour. The thyme leaves warm up the body and specifically activate the lungs. Traditionally, thyme is used to remove mucous membranes from the lungs and reduce congestion. It is an effective cough suppressant, which is why it is used in many types of syrup.

  • Elecampane

    It has poignant properties, so it helps to expectorate and prevent coughs. Bronchitis, cough, hay fever, asthma, tuberculosis and pleurisy are traditionally used to treat them.

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