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5 reasons to include sesame seed or til in your diet

Nowadays Health care and beauty care are essential things in our lifestyle. Having a good source of fibre and good nutrition is something we need in our daily meals to keep us healthy and warm. In which one of the secretes sources is consuming sesame seeds til in our daily meal. It will help to reduce blood pressure, heart problems and reduce the risk of cancer diseases.

Do you aware that Sesame seeds(til )have been medically proven that it contains an anti-inflammatory property that will helps to recur radical damage, reduce swelling, redness and reduce anti-ageing skin problem.

Do you know India is one of the biggest production countries in the world? According to APEDA (The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority), India contribution towards sesame exporters in the world is 18.8% in 2006-2007. In the Indian market, sesame seeds are export around thousand tons worldwide.

There are three varieties of sesame seeds which are having full of nutrition’s values.

1- Hulled sesame seed

2- Natural sesame seeds

3- Black sesame seeds

5 interesting reasons why we should consider sesame seeds or til in our diet plan:

1- Healthy and happy Digestion:

Getting good immunity and Boosting the digestive system is one of the signs of a healthy lifestyle. Black Sesame seeds can help to cure digestive problems. A Black sesame content high fibre and unsaturated fatty acid content. It will help to ease bowel movements.

2-Boost immunity:

Sesame seeds til contain good fat it will help to improve immunity and helps to boost energy levels. It also contents some nutrition’s such as fibre, iron, calcium and omega-3. It be will keep us full energized and keep us healthy.

3-Nourish and charm Skincare: 

Consuming sesame or using sesame oil will help to nourish your skin and improves your anti-ageing problems. Applying sesame seeds will keep your skin shining and moisturise your skin. On a winter day, it will be beneficial to keep your skin smooth and improves skin damages from dryness and dullness. Do you know Sesame seed oil also use for sunburn to protect our skin.

4- Precious for health nourishment:

Having a hair fall issue and facing problems with dry scalp and dandruff. Sesame until oil can help to recover you from this problem. It content fatty omega acid and minerals, Vitamin E, B complex to help o nourish hair and more shiner.

5- It controls blood pressure and hypertension:

Consuming sesame seeds in our daily lifestyle will help us to be physically fit also mentally fit. Having sesame seeds can help you control your blood pressure and help to overcome hypertension. It includes magnesium and antioxidant. It will help to reduce blood pressure and control hypertension problems.

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