There's so much more to organic spices than adding taste, zing, and aroma to our favourite dishes. So with the winter in full swing, we are turning to traditional, family recipes that don't just taste great but also bring a wealth of health benefits, bolstering our immunity to the weather.

As discussed in our previous blog, the importance of organic spices highlights their immunity-bolstering properties along with the statistical data showing their growing popularity.

For example, when someone experiences a headache because of the cold, an elderly figure in the household will prepare a DIY recipe with saffron and milk. The topical application of the mix relieves the pain and nips the symptoms of cold in the bud.

As the season changes, so do the rhythms of our bodies, calling for ingredients that help ease into the transition and protect us from viral infections. Read on to learn what organic products can impart zing and warmth to your winter dishes.


There is hardly anyone who wouldn't be drawn in by the appeal of ginger tea during crisp winter evenings. Versatile and evergreen, ginger's earthy spiciness works in various recipes, including soups, desserts, seasonings, seafood, Indian curries and more.

Whether you ground the knobs in the traditional mortar and pestle or peel the skin and grate it for immediate use—ginger's exotic flavour will elevate your preparation in a heartbeat.


There is no denying the importance of herbal medicine in our daily life. Speaking of which, we can't miss mentioning cloves and their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and dental pain-relieving properties.

Aromatic and intensely flavourful, the biting warmth of cloves enriches many a dish, including desserts, pieces, mulled wines, soups, traditional rice preparations, and more.


There is hardly any seasonal or festive dish without the inclusion of this commonly used spice. The origin of this spice cannot be ascribed to one region per se, owing to its widespread use since antiquity. However, its antioxidant-rich properties have been explored in many culinary cultures—from Indonesia to China to India to America.

Cinnamon is a beloved spice found in baked recipes, pulavs, biryanis, porridge, and curries, among many others.


As a spice exporter that deals in a slew of organic products, we can't emphasise more on the significance of this versatile ingredient. Besides lending its vibrant yellow colour and earthy and spicy flavours to recipes, turmeric is a well-known cure for the cold, cough and flu.

Turmeric is used in broths, pickles, herbal teas, curries, stews, and gravies.


An exotic and expensive spice, saffron is a superfood found in almost every kitchen.

It comes with a bevvy of medicinal credentials and helps soothe dry skin, which explains its usage in cosmetic products. In addition to boosting immunity, saffron also possesses mood-elevating properties, aiding depression and stress.

Saffron's subtle flavours enrich dishes, including pedas, kulfis, rice preparations, tikkas, mocktails, and more. A leading exporter of spice in India, Organic Products India is a name to reckon with in the industry and is known for its fresh and nutrition-dense products. To know more about us and our range, connect with us today.  We'll be happy to serve you!