Assessing the Connection between Psyllium Husk & Weight Loss

Assessing the Connection between Psyllium Husk & Weight Loss

Being overweight is an issue that most people are facing today. While there are ample weight loss solutions available nothing can be better than achieving the goal by natural methods. Psyllium husk is one of those natural ingredients that have been found effective in weight loss. Before jumping into its weight loss-aiding properties, let’s take a quick look at what it is.

Also known as Isabgol, psyllium husk is a soluble fibre that is obtained from the husks of Plantago Ovata’s plant’s seeds. It’s a type of soluble fibre that is mostly associated with digestion. Widely used in laxatives and for treating constipation, diarrhea and high cholesterol, it has numerous health benefits when consumed judiciously. The husk is available in different forms like psyllium husk powder, husk granules and even capsules. It is used by many people as a dietary supplement around the world.

How psyllium helps in weight control?

Psyllium is high in soluble and as well insoluble fibres. This makes it a healthy option for consumption as fibres make bowel movements smooth and give a feeling of fullness for long.

When you consume isabgol with water, it doubles up in size and makes you feel full. It curbs down your hunger pangs that automatically reduce your food intake. Moreover, it has fewer calories making it a better option for weight loss as achieving a calorie deficit is easier with foods that are low in calorie count.

The soluble fibre in psyllium also promotes the growth of good bacteria that contribute to healthy intestinal flora that improves the digestive system, boosts immunity and helps cleanse the colon. All these aid in building resistance to fat gain, thereby helping in burning fat and losing weight.

Tips on Psyllium Husk intake 

For best results, you must consume psyllium in moderate quantity. Just like most things, “take in moderation” is the key phrase applicable to psyllium too. To use the psyllium husk safely here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Consume the husk half an hour before mealtimeThis will prepare your stomach for better digestion and also suppress your appetite.
  • It’s always recommended to mix the psyllium husk properly in the water before you consume it. This will ensure it does not clog in your throat. Also, make a note to take it with a full glass of water as it will facilitate absorption by your body.
  • If you have any health issues consult your doctor or dietician about taking an additional source of fibre. Although it doesn’t interfere with medications in most cases, it’s always better to take advice to gain maximum benefit from it.

Easily available at medical and general stores, psyllium husk is gaining a lot of traction. However, to ensure you get the real benefits of this product it’s essential to source it from authentic brands or genuine psyllium husk suppliersOrganic Products India (OPI) is one such brand that offers top-grade organic products. The psyllium husk provided by OPI passes through several quality tests so that the end consumers gain from the natural goodness of the product. Long-standing in the organic product industry and strong quality commitment has made OPI a trusted brand one can rely on.