Organic – Good for Nature and Good for You

Nowadays everyone is aware of advantages of eating organic food. However many of us do not know the real benefits or the reasons as to why going organic is not only beneficial to your health but also good for soil and overall agricultural environment. Here are the few pros of organic food.

  1. To minimize total toxic burden in your body

Plants and animals named “Organic” have not been treated with:

  • Antibiotics
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fertilizers from synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge
  • Ionizing radiation
  • Growth hormones

Pesticides and herbicides are toxic and poisonous by their nature. It is already in our diet and we are eating these toxins since a very long time. The National Research Council has proven that, in children particularly, the nutritional intake of pesticides accounts for most pesticides exposure.

Luckily, eating Organic Foods can reduce pesticide build up in your body. A recent study in 2005 has verified that, if we give the Organic food to the children for 15 days, then there was a dramatic change and decrease in urinary concentrations of organ phosphorus pesticides.

We are eating conventional foods from many years and these foods have more synthetic pesticide residues which are dangerous to health. In order to wash these or reduce these poisons from our body, organic food is the only option.

  1. Organic Food means Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)

GMO means a plant or animal that is created by the combining of different DNA species. Commercial soy, corn, beets and alfalfa crops are the GMO products which has huge demand globally.

Genetic Engineering modifies the crops to make them weather and pest resistant. The Genetically Modified Corn for example was combined with bacteria in order to create its own insecticide called BT-Toxin. BT-Toxin helps to kill the insects by damaging their inner layer of digestive system. The BT-toxin composition is not so specific with insects and it also makes the damage to human cells. It damages the human intestines and also affects the leaky gut.

Organic farmers actually use BT-Toxin to produce bacteria as an effective nematode control. The bacteria itself produces a very lower amount of concentrated BT-Toxin. If there is a high percentage of BT-Toxin in GMO corn, then it cannot be removed. It is a part of the genetic makeup of the genetically engineered crop.

  1. Organic Farming good for Soil

Organic Farmers are completely dependent upon the crop rotation, animal fertilizers and companion planting. These things help to get the control on weed killers, control on the pests and also help to maintain the quality of the soil.

The largest factor for water pollution is agriculture where in the large amount of pesticides has been used. As per the study of “National Water Quality Inventory” in 2000, they have summarized that the water quality of rivers and lakes is getting polluted because of use of pesticides in farming. By promoting Organic Farming and using the Organic Products, you can help reduce the soil damage and ultimately supporting the farmers who are maintaining their farms responsibly.

  1. Organic Crop is a natural source of Nutrition

Many of us want to know about the nutritional benefit of organic food over conventional food. Many studies have proven that the organic food has highly nutritional value and also has loads of anti-oxidant ingredients. The studies have also provided the evidence that the percentage of heavy metals especially cadmium pesticides is very lower in Organic Food. Some other studies have proven that the organic farming can increase the production of Cancer fighting compounds in Human Body called Flavonoids. In terms of Conventional Farming the level of Cancer Fighting compounds gets decreased as they use pesticides and herbicides.

The bottom line is, the crops which are grown conventionally are harmful to your body and it has the negative impact on society as a whole. Organic crops, on the other hand, have more abundant nutrition which increase the immunity power and reduce the excessive toxins in your body.