Organic Farming For Spices

Benefits of Organic Farming on the Environment

“Organic” is the buzzword that came into light about eight to ten years ago. Interestingly, with the emergence of a more health-conscious generation the world over, it has been gaining even more importance these days. From baby and adult foods to plant-based and meat-based products, the consumption of organic food has increased multi-fold all across the globe.

Organic food is grown and processed without any use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides. This essentially means that foods produced organically are certainly healthier choices to consider.

Just as organic foods are beneficial to the human body, organic farming is beneficial to the environment too. Let’s take a glance at some of the quintessential advantages of organic farming on the global environment.

  • As organic farming does not involve the use of any pesticides or chemicals, the soil remains unpolluted and pure, thus retaining, and perhaps even increasing its fertility so that the crops receive more nutrients.
  • Organic farming also reduces soil erosion.
  • Organic food production widely fights against effects of climate change.
  • Organic farming enhances water conservation and water health. It increases the water retention capacity of soil too.
  • Organic farming does not use chemicals/pesticides for food production. This, in turn, helps increase soil health water & air purity, and the overall plant vegetation around.
  • Organic food does not include Genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Hence, the livestock that feeds on organically farmed crops remains in good health too.

Organic farming leads to less air pollution, which in turn, helps slow down global warming. Hence, organic foods should be promoted more and more among farmers and consumers.

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