Most Common Food has Wonderful Substitutes

Savouring the delicacies is what awakens the taste buds of humans. A favourite food of any means not compromising on the taste of it. Our food consists of various flavours. But looking at today’s generation it’s all about taste as well as healthy food. It’s time to find about substitutes for it. Let’s see what all do we have in store.

1] Brown Flax Seed oil instead of fish oil

  • The Brown Flax Seeds/ linseeds are rich sources of Omega 3 oils and protein’s.
  • Doctor’s and dietician recommend using this rich source of oil in daily consumption.
  • People who are allergic to Seafood’s or are pure vegetarians and want to balance their nutrients then Flax Seeds Oil is a good option. Seafood allergies can cause Nausea, rashes or even headaches.

2] Quinoa instead of Oatmeal and Couscous

  • Quinoa is one of the super foods and it can be cooked with milks for healthy breakfast.
  • It can be used as a substitute for oatmeal. Quinoa is highly rich in proteins.
  • It can also be used instead of couscous as couscous is made from processed wheat flour. They both have the exact texture.

3] Coconut milk as a substitute to cow’s milk

  • An excellent source of calcium to protect the body from major chronic ailments is milk.
  • But Milk can cause allergies to infant that can stay until adulthood. Milk can cause vomiting, nausea and sometimes even an upset stomach. But the great substitute for cow’s milk is coconut milk. Coconut milk can make breakfast a wholesome meal with cereals.

4] New Alternative to Corn is Potato starch or honey

The lifestyle is changing on day to day life so the food habits are also changing around the globe. The consumption of corn syrup and corn starch has increased due to the quick energy it gives in our day to day life/work. As per the recent studies, the researchers have found many allergic indications that are generated by corn syrup and corn starch. As per the studies, to avoid those allergic symptoms we can replace those food products with Honey for Corn Syrup and Potato Starch instead of corn starch. Honey and potato starch can give you the new way for cooking your favorite food.

5] Soy to replace with chickpeas or milk

Soy is a good source for protein and in recent times has been found frequently in our food. Now-a-days soy is widely used in many processed food industries. But still soy is an allergic product for those people who are lactose intolerant. Runny nose or breathing problems or hives problem can be a soy allergen. We can replace soy milk products with milk and for cooking at home we can use chickpeas flour a same test.

6] Toasted Oats or Almonds substitute for Peanuts.

Peanut are one of the most allergic food. In some cases peanut butter and peanut is known to cause skin rashes, vomiting, tingling in mouth. We can replace the peanuts with Toasted Oats or Almonds that will give the same crunch to your dish. Oats and almonds are rich and good to heart.

7] Wheat flour has substitute like Amaranth flour, Oats flour or Chia flour.

  • Gluten is found in certain grains like wheat. Wheat is used in breads, biscuits, cakes which are allergic to some people. So, we can use flour like Amaranth, Chia or Oat flour.
  • Amaranth flour is made from the seed. Amaranth seeds are very high in protein. Chia flour is made from ground chia seeds and any sports person and super athletes will use it for enhanced energy levels during events.

8] Stevia substitute for sugar25+ best ideas about H

  • Stevia is natural sweetener ingredient and is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Little stevia can be use for long way. Stevia fresh leaves can be used in hot or cold drinks as a herbal tea.
  • The dried leaves are powdered and which can be used in baking with two tablespoon instead of one cup of sugar. The most important thing is that stevia does not caramelise.
  • The products based on sweeteners are yogurts, fizzy drinks and chocolates.

It’s true that we cannot compromise on our food. But, replacing it with something healthy is what we can do.
Happy Eating…!!!