Expansion & Growth Of Psyllium Husk Market

Expansion & Growth Of Psyllium Husk Market

Psyllium Husk a minute feather-like small petal derived from the dehusking of Psyllium seeds, are today the fibre house of the globe. Psyllium basically belongs to the genus Plantago Ovata which is native to the Indian region & has been a famous ingredient in all the branches of allied medicines as Ayurveda, Unani & Herbal.

Largely the Psyllium Husk market can be segmented according to its usage which is as dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, animal feed & other industries like food & soil. So in general it is today a widely know product across the globe with multiple uses across industries.

Dietary Supplement – Psyllium Husk Market:

The use of Psyllium Husk as a dietary supplement gained its popularity since the year 2000. Psyllium is a gentle, bulk-forming laxative that clears diarrhoea, constipation, blood pressure, cholesterol, & also aids weight loss. All these benefits make it very popularly consumed dietary supplement. The supplement industry has a huge market mainly the Northern American region, where consumption of dietary supplement is more than the medicine industry. Psyllium Husk is a very popular product consumed in this region & this contributes a lot to the major growth of the Psyllium husk industry. Today there are a lot of innovations in this sector to enhance the awareness & importance of supplements in our daily lives & also to make them more relatable & tastier for the people. This industry is experiencing & is likely to experience the highest CAGR in the coming 5 years.

Pharmaceutical Sector:

Psyllium is used almost in all the medicines related to diarrhoea, stomach ache & constipation. Psyllium Husk has a huge pharmaceutical market. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is a huge consumer of this product & then is the American pharmaceutical industry, which is the booming market for the product. Pharmaceutical sector is the first largest consumer of Psyllium Husk in all its forms.

Animal Feed:

Psyllium Husk gained its popularity as a feed ingredient for horses & this worked really well with the constipation issues faced by them. Suddenly as this was discovered today the product is widely consumed in the animal feed industry. This is a growing industry & Psyllium sure has found its way in!

Other Industries & Psyllium Husk:

The major market for Psyllium Husk constitutes of the supplement & pharmaceutical industry. However, another new industry that’s opened its doors for Psyllium is the bakery & processed food industry. Today there is increasing awareness on the nutritive value of the food that is consumed. The global healthcare industry has understood the importance of nutrition rich food in prevention of diseases. Psyllium Husk increases the fibre content of the processed foods adding a thicker texture as well. It blends with any food item as it does not have any specific flavour & hence does not adulterate the main flavour of the dish. Food industry is a huge industry & also an industry without recession. Psyllium Husk is becoming a staple part of this industry today & so this is likely to experience the second highest CAGR in usage of Psyllium Husk.

Apart from the above segmentation, segmentation is based on the origin of the product as Organic & Conventional. The organic segment is to witness highest CAGR in the coming 5 years than the conventional one. The reason is the increased awareness of organic farming across the globe. Also, Psyllium Husk being a healthcare product, organic is more popular than the conventional cultivation. Also, as per the current wave the organic cultivation is gaining more popularity in India as well as across nations. So more & more farmers are entering into the cultivation of organic products & adding value to our meals!

Another kind of segmentation for the Psyllium Husk is based on its form – seeds, Husk & powder. Though any form depends on the convenience of the industry using it, the powder segment is likely to report more CAGR in another 5 years solely due to its conveniences.

Today 80% psyllium exports are made out of India to the world market which is an industry of 25 million annually. About 90% of the produce of Psyllium Husk is exported to the USA followed by U.K., France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Italy etc. Germany is the largest single importer of Psyllium seeds.

In India, the state of Gujarat contributes to almost 35% of the Psyllium production, along with Rajasthan contributing the similar production in the recent years. 90% of the Psyllium Husk is exported out of India all over the globe. The Psyllium Husk industry is growing at a very fast pace & it reports a global increase in consumption every year. It is expected to grow at a very high CAGR for another 5 years as the consumption for the product is showing a steady rise, due to increased awareness on the healthcare front & changing food habits.