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Fenugreek: Health Benefits, Nutrition facts and Side Effects

Fenugreek seeds or Trigonella foenum graecum is a plant from the botanical family fabaceae, which is high in soluble fibre and is used in cooking and as a medicine. Fenugreek is used in spice blends and also as a flavouring agent in foods and beverages. Extracts of fenugreek is also used in soaps and cosmetics.The seeds of fenugreek can be used as a spice and its dried or fresh leaves can be used as an herb. Both its seeds and leaves are bitter in taste and relate a flavour and aroma which is similar to maple syrup.

Nutritional Facts of Fenugreek:

Fenugreek seeds have very high nutritional value*. One tablespoon of fenugreek seeds contains around 35% calories and below nutrients:

  1. Fibre: 4 grams

  2. Carbohydrate: 6 grams

  3. Protein: 3 grams

  4. Fat: 1 gram

  5. Iron: 20%

  6. Manganese: 7%

  7. Magnesium: 5%

Uses and health benefits:

  • Breast milk Production:

    We are all aware that breast milk is the prime source of nutrition for baby's development but in some cases the mother may struggle to produce sufficient amount of milk. Studies suggest that fenugreek may be a safe and natural alternative for those who have such difficulties.

  • Effects on testosterone level:

    Most of the males use fenugreek supplements in order to boost their testosterone level. Researchers have suggested that it has beneficial effects including an increased libido.

  • Maintain blood sugar levels and control diabetes:

    Fenugreek helps to lower high cholesterol level and is very useful in controlling diabetes. Metabolic symptoms associated with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be improved with the help of fenugreek as it helps in lowering blood glucose and improving glucose tolerance.

  • Other benefits of Fenugreek:

    Arthritis, high cholesterol, skin problems (wounds, rashes, and boils), bronchitis, abscesses, hair loss, constipation, upset stomach, kidney ailments, heartburn, male impotence, and other forms of sexual dysfunction can all benefit from fenugreek seeds.

Safety and Side Effects:

For healthy people, fenugreek tends to be reasonably clean. Less severe side effects such as diarrhoea and indigestion have been identified anecdotally, as with most supplements.

Reduced appetite is another possibility, which may be dangerous if you have an eating disorder or are attempting to gain weight. Furthermore, when supplementing, some people experience an odd and slightly sweet body odour, but this isn't always the case.

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(*Fenugreek nutritional facts)