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From Ancient Remedy to Global Sensation: India’s Organic Turmeric Powder and Its Benefits

One of the ancient medicinal spices from India is turmeric. It’s an Ayurveda remedy that has been given by specialists to treat illnesses including the flu and skin conditions. In India, where turmeric has been used for generations in traditional medicine and foods, there is an increasing need for trustworthy makers of Turmeric powder.

India holds almost 80% of the global market for turmeric and is also its top producer and exporter. Due to the rising demand for organic products, numerous manufacturers in India have begun making pesticide‐, chemical‐, and additive‐free organic turmeric powder.

Organic Turmeric History and Indian Export and Manufacture

Turmeric is produced largely in India. With an area and productivity of 246 thousand hectares and 5646.34 kg per hectare, respectively, India produced 1389 thousand tons of turmeric.

The growth patterns of turmeric’s area, production, and productivity through time show that production has become a larger factor in yield growth than has area expansion.

India made 201,152 thousand US Dollars from turmeric exports to other countries in 2020. In the last year, the USA, which imported 22% of the total export value of Indian turmeric, was followed by Bangladesh (18%), Iran (6%), and the United Arab Emirates (5%).

You can also see the table below, the value of organic turmeric powder exports from India has steadily increased over the years, indicating a growing demand for this product in the global market.

Organic turmeric powder export statistics:

YearValue of exports (in million USD)

In the past 1 year, there are a few Indian states who are the top 5 producers in India. These states are one of the top producers of Turmeric in India.

Indian Production of Turmeric in the year 2021-2022
4Tamil Nadu95.57
5Andhra Pradesh74.69

(Reference by: – APEDA agrixchange)

Why Organic Turmeric is good and how does it benefit our health?

Organic turmeric is of High nutritional Value. Organic foods preserve far more natural and environmental vitamins and Minerals. There are no harmful chemicals or pesticides used in organic turmeric powder. Organic turmeric is good for the soil and it’s free from air pollution.

Turmeric powder contains Curcumin which has anti–inflammatory and antioxidant properties. There are numerous biological functions for curcumin, but not all of them are known. Like other vibrant plant‐based meals, turmeric is packed with phytonutrients that may guard the body against harm by scavenging free radicals and protecting the cells. The prevention of diseases like cancer and heart disease is linked to diets high in plant‐based foods.

Turmeric Curcumin is also used as turmeric extract and turmeric Ayurveda capsules. This medicinal spice supplement should be taken with a limited dosage with consultation with the doctors.  There should be a specific dosage we have to take care of while having the turmeric powder. In a day we can only consume 50 gm of Curcumin. It will help our body to fight cancer cells and improve our immune system.

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