Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds!

Helps to prevent the Cancer

Fennel Seeds contains a good combination of phytonutrients. In the Fennel Seeds, the Anethole is the most active phytonutrient and chief component in the oil produced by fennel. The Anethole plays a vital role to protect our body from the infections or inflammation to fight against the cancer.

Improves Immunity and stops antioxidants

The bulb (bottom part of the crop) of fennel crop is a rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the main water soluble antioxidant. Vitamin C plays key role to reduce the effect or make a control over the free radicals which are found in the liquid environment of the body. The free radical may affect to the human cells. It may result in to Body pain and weakening of joints. To control or prevent Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis fennel is the best solution. In regards to control antioxidant activity in human body, Vitamin C from Fennel Crop bulb helps for fighting or controlling on microbes.

Vitamin C helps to prevent the skin damage by sun or smoke burn. Smoothness in skin and skin texture improvement by increasing the production of collagen are the properties of Vitamin C.

Improves Cardiovascular and Colon Health

Fennel Bulb (the bottom part of the Fennel Crop) is a rich source of Fiber. Fiber helps to reduce and control on the extra cholesterol level in the human body. Fennel is also having the ability to prevent the Colon Cancer. The fennel Bulb fiber extracts the carcinogenic toxins from the Colon. Fennel is also full of Potassium, which is effective to control the lower and high blood pressure.

Increase the Bone Health

Fennel crop is also good source of Minerals which is very helpful for efficient body functioning. Minerals are helpful for maintaining the structure of the bones. It also plays an important role for improvement of strengthening of bones. For developing the structure of the bones, Phosphate and Calcium are important which are also present in Fennel.

Other Benefits

Fennel seeds helps to improves the metabolism process in our body. Fennel seeds also contains the good amount of Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 plays a key role to break down of starch and proteins which are present in glucose and amino acids. Glucose and amino acids provides the energy to our body.

Fennel appears to have a wide range of health benefits, based on several basic studies. Therefore, fennel seeds are highly nutritious which not only safeguard your body against health complexities  but also it increases one’s courage to great extent.