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Health Benefits of Soybean

Soybean Protein the Richest plant source in the world. It is the highest sources of Protein which contains 43%. Soya Protein is highest quality as compare to other legumes. As per the World Health Organisation soy protein is at number 1 and which as equal to milk protein and meat.

Soybean contains low calories, fats and carbohydrates and free from cholesterol. It’s rich sources of dietary fiber and fatty acids. To prevent from diseases and other disorder humans consume soybean in there regular diet.

It helps to fight against cancer, menopause and cardiovascular diseases. It also helps to increase the bone strength. Soybean is so useful that it also helps to get different by-products like Soya milk, soya oil, Soya chunks, Soya granules, soya tofu, soya flour, soya meal and Soya cake.

The top largest producer of soybean across the globe are USA with 108.0 million MT, Brazil with 86.8 million MT, Argentina with 53.4 million MT, China with 12.2 million MT and India with 10.5 million MT.

Miracle Health Benefits of Soybean

1. Stronger Bones:

The isoflavones is the compound present in Soybean which is the richest sources of protein. Which help to increase the strength of bones and prevent bone loss. This is becoming more important among women’s for pre menopause stage and women who are experiencing bone density loss. A positive change in Women’s is experience if the intake of soybean is taken on daily basis.

2.  Fight against Cancer:

Cancer contains agent known as anticarcinogens which is very important content in soybean which help to lower the chances of cancer. As per National Cancer Institute of US, south Asian countries which majorly have soybean in there diet have very less chances for cancer.

Regular consumption of Soybean protect hormone and Non Hormone related Cancer as per experimental studies. Soybean protein aids in regulating the menstrual cycle and in turn, lowers the risk of breast cancer in women.

3.Prevention against Cardiovascular Damage:

Vegetable Protein helps humans to control the cholesterol level and protect them from cardiovascular disease just by shifting from animal protein to soybean protein. Researchers have shown that humans replacing animal protein with soya protein is not impacting the HDL Level. Intake of soy protein improves cardiovascular health and also other intakes like Polyunsaturated Fats, Fiber, minerals and Vitamins which are present.

4.Weight Reduction:

Due to high consumption of soybean protein in human diet it improves metabolism and also positive effect on overall weight. Due to low fat soy diet lowers BMI and improves Lipid profile. It helps to lose body fat and retain the muscle which is also a good way to deal with excessive weight and obesity.

Consumption of SoyBean: It is a legume and it can be consumed through different ways like as below.

1. Bean Seeds Salad:

Green Soybean is also known as edamame which can be eaten in salads. People also eat the sprouted beans seeds as a daily antioxidant. If the soybean seeds are germinated then it actually increases the level of isoflavones in soya which good for human health.

2. Soya Milk:

Soy Milk is a great substitute for cow milk. As per the researcher soy milk reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Mens who consume soy milk on regular basis which lower the chances of getting the prostate cancer. Soya milk is very good sources of phytoestrogen.  Soyamilk is made from Soyabean by soaking, grinding and straining the seeds.

3. Miso and Tofu:

Soybean is fermented to get by-products like Tofu and Miso. Tofu is made from fermented soy milk and is also called bean curd. Miso is made from fermented soybean paste.  Both the by-products are excellent sources of the antioxidant soy isoflavones. Miso is sweet salty intaste and majorly agent in flavouring Asian food.

4. Soybean Oil:

Soybean Oil is a healthier option which is low in trans fat. Soy oil is rich in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Soybean oil can be used daily consumption to add dietary fatty acids that does not impact the health.