Why is it Necessary to Include Flax Seeds in Your Diet?

Flax Seeds or Linseeds are tiny brown or golden color seeds that are an extraordinarily rich source of micronutrients, fibre, vitamin B, essential oil & omega-3 fatty acid. Well, a small wonder as this seed is, it is supposed to be a quintessential part of our diets. We normally consume these seeds in supplements; however, the safest & healthiest way of consuming them is eating them.

Flax seeds can be consumed raw or one can incorporate them in their daily diet through Flax meals. Flax Seeds are one of the safest & oldest foods known to the planet & there are not one but many reasons you should include these in your breakfast, lunch & dinner.

They contain Fibres!

Flax seeds are fibrous, they are said to relieve constipation in minutes. Fibrous foods are good for weight loss & they also help in detoxification. They provide digestive assistance thus, you feel full for a longer duration.

Rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Flax seeds are one of the richest sources of plant-based mega-3 fatty acids, called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). For Vegetarians, Flax seeds act as a great source of nutrients but non-vegetarians too enjoy the benefits of consuming flax seeds. The fatty acid in Flax seeds is different from the one that is found in fish. This fatty acid helps your hair & skin become lustrous & shiny.

Vitamin B

We all have a huge requirement for Vitamin B & instead, we see so many of us readily consuming Vitamin B supplements. A great way to have your daily dose of Vitamin B would be to opt for some Flax seeds on the salad or maybe some Flax meal in your breakfast instead? A sure way to ensure great hair and great skin!

High in Antioxidants

Flax seeds are packed with antioxidants. Lignans are unique fibre-related polyphenols that provide us with antioxidant benefits for anti-aging, hormone balance, and cellular health. We can get all of this in just one cup of green tea or herbal tea, just be sure to add a teaspoon of Flax Seeds to your cuppa. And you get an even healthier way to consume your tea.

Welcome to the Gluten-free world!

As the current diet trend goes, Gluten-free is the way to go. Gluten free, low carb diets help you to reduce your weight faster. It also helps you in preventing the danger of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, thyroid, cancer & hormonal imbalance. Flax seeds are gluten-free & are extremely easy to incorporate in your daily diet. Just a few spoons of these seeds can add a huge value to your meal & keep you healthy for a lifetime.

Helps to get rid of Acne & Sun Burns

Flax seeds contain ALAs & these are fatty acids. These fats are great for your skin. Flax seed consumption on a consistent basis controls the production of sebum, preventing the onset of acne.

If consumed regularly, 1 to 2 tablespoons of Flax meal can give you a healthy and beautiful glowing skin. Researchers also say that flax seeds can protect the skin tissues from radiation. The antioxidants present in Flax Seeds significantly reduce the effect of sun exposure & prevent us from skin cancer.

Immense benefits derived out of this seed, make it quintessential to our diets. They are easy to eat and can be consumed in a Nutri-bar, or sprinkled on your salad, or can be taken in the form of Flax meal sprinkled on any recipe. This makes the Flax Seed an easy to consume the product that can replace many of your daily supplements!