Importance of ORAC values of spices and herbs

Why Spices Are Important For Our Life? Look At Their ORAC Values

Spices are a very important part of human life. As spices are seeds, roots, fruits barks, or other plants substance. Spices are used for coloring food and flavoring. Mostly spices are used in medicines in Ayurveda. Spices are also used in cosmetics and perfumes. Another important fact about spices is that they are Antioxidants, heart health, exercise recovery, anti-inflammation, and having many more benefits from spices. Spices around the world have their own essence and flavoring color and taste. Common spices around the world are turmeric fingers, cumin, coriander, black-white pepper, fennel, and mustard. It is also observed that traditional Indian home-cooked food is one of the healthiest foods eaten around the world because it contains numerous spices.

Regarding ORAC and helping to boost our immunity

ORAC is abbreviated for oxygen radical absorbance capacity, as different technologies are used to find out the total antioxidant capacity of food items that are consumed by human beings. To find the higher score of ORAC the less free radical makes less damage and the higher antioxidant capacity of the food item. As per the researcher's studies, humans consume nearly 3000 to 5000 antioxidants per day. Additional dosage of ORAC will be excreted by kidneys.

There are no official recommendations regarding ORAC intake but the USA’s FDA suggests having an intake of 5000 ORAC per day and the UK’s FSA and FDA suggest 3500 ORAC with help of fruits and vegetables.

As per studies it is mentioned that the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood can be increases or enhanced just by eating spices, fruits, herbs, and vegetables that have high ORAC values. It is also analysed that ORAC-rich spices may help boost immunity and fight the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Also, spices with high ORAC values are can act as more than any vaccine

As per research, the ORAC value present in clove is 314,446, ORAC value present in cinnamon’s value is 267,537, ORAC value present in turmeric 102,700, ORAC value present in onion powder is 5735, ORAC value present in paprika is 22500, ORAC value present in cocoa 80,933, ORAC value present in cumin 76,800, ORAC value present in parsley 74,349, ORAC value present in tulsi 67,553, ORAC value present in thyme 27,426, and ORAC value present in ginger is 28,811. ORAC values present in ginger, turmeric, and tulsi are having 10 times higher ORAC values present in them.

Even though these spices are rich in antioxidants, which boost immunity but there is not sufficient research and paperwork to prove that they boost immunity against COVID -19. As scientists are still researching on various possibilities that can affect to boost immunity against COVID-19.

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