Organic Food Gets Coronavirus Boost

Organic Food Industry Getting Coronavirus Boost

Due to Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a massive surge in demand for organic foods all across the globe. The raising consumer awareness for nutrition and health has resulted in a huge interest in food products that boost immunity. Consumers prefer organic foods over conventional alternatives to feed themselves and their families during this global pandemic. Studies have also confirmed that organic foods have fewer chemicals and are more nutritious than conventional foods.

Because of the protracted lockdown, food-at-home consumption has increased and retailers are experiencing a hefty sales increase for organic products. As per the reports, the Indian organic food sector has witnessed around a 25-30% rise in demand for organic foods and spices. Mohit Singla, Chairman at Trade Promotion Council of India has stated that the Indian food sector is gaining high demand from the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Palestine and Egypt. The recent rise in the US dollar has resulted in a reduced price of imported products in these countries and therefore demand for organic products manufacturers in India has surged for Organic food products.

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With the increasing demand of organic foods, the international supply networks have clogged leaving the organic manufacturers under pressure. Even in these challenging times, we here at Organic Products India have maximized our priority to fulfill the increasing demand for organic oilseeds, spices, grains and lentils. Veerral Agro Tech and Organic Products India is one the leading suppliers/exporters of organic black cumin, Sesame Seeds, Flax Seed/Linseed,  Amaranth seeds, Psyllium seeds/husk/powder, spices, lentils, dehydrated onion etc.