Indian Origin SUPERFOODS in Global Markets

Well, the “Super foods” concept is trending all over the world & making a big fuss. We can find various super foods from various countries placed in the special section in a grocery store. So what are these super foods that are making the whole world go crazy? There are so many buying them everyday & so many benefitting out of the same. These super foods are the special food ingredients that were known to the world many years ago. However, these are trending today only because we term them as special products with high antioxidants, high nutrients & ability to prevent various illnesses caused out of our lifestyle & habits. Also, today we need these products more than ever. These super foods indeed have the ability to cure diseases and make us healthy. Since I belong to India, a land that has given many super foods to the world (As I can proudly say!), let us discuss super foods trending all over the world from Indian origin.


Awesome Turmeric Latte!!!…Turmeric is a super food that is taking the world by storm. Turmeric was known to India some 4,500 years ago & is used in the Indian cuisine in almost every delicacy from spicy to sweet. It adds a beautiful flavor & color to the curries so it is abundant with various nutrients. The research on turmeric is still on; however the major ingredient of turmeric is called curcumin. Curcumin gives turmeric the beautiful golden yellow color & gives us a promising life. It has many benefits yet to be discovered. To discover more on Turmeric you can check the link below –


Psyllium is one of the super foods from India which has already made its way to the global market. As it is already known by Trendy Super food in International Market that have multiple benefits. This Indian Origin plant has ancient History and it has been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.

The Psyllium seeds, husk and powder is wildly been used by Pharmaceutical Companies, Cosmetic Companies and Food Companies over the world. The plant has higher fibre properties which can actually reduce the risk of Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Heart Disease, etc. The consumption of Psyllium yields fast results on human body and reduces the Bad Cholesterol and improves the digestive system.

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Amaranth is one of the ancient grains known to India, it is also called as “Amarantos” in Greek. This also means one that it does not dry and shriveled. The most amazing thing is that compared to rice and wheat nutritionally, amaranth consists of iron, protein, calcium, fiber, and other phytonutrients. The most rich protein source plant based food. Amaranth intake can be done in various ways like popping them like corn, cooking similar to pasta and rice and it is ground to flour.

Ultimately, amaranth is a true SUPER FOOD and true power house which help to prevent health conditions such as heart attack, strokes, diabetes and cancer. Now-a-days it is available in all super-marts and food malls.


Flax Seed is one of the oldest cultivated plant in the history. Indian Origin Organic Brown Flax Seeds is super food which is already known worldwide for its Higher Oil Percentage and Omega 3. The Indian origin Brown Flax Seed has around 40% and more oil content. Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). The soluble and insoluble fibers present gives flax seeds the added importance. Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce the cholesterol level from the body and prevent the Heart disease.

As per the current trend, the consumption of flax seeds has increased a lot on a global level. People consume Flax Seeds in breakfast as well as mid-day snacks. It’s been wildly used by bread companies and edible oil companies since ages.

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