Know About Indian Lentils and its Benefits

Lentils from India are a high source of protein and high fiber. As they belong to members of the legume family. Lentils are found in various varieties, like red lentils, green lentils, and black lentils, each with varying textures and flavors. Lentils are easy to cook and they protect heart health. Lentils have folate and manganese present in them. They are such sources of Protein that can be consumed by all types of people.


Humans consuming lentils helps to decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and also helps to lower the weight. Here is a list of advantages of Indian Lentils articulated by Organic Products India, one of the leading organic products manufacturers in India:

Indian Lentils for a healthy heart:

Indian Lentils are highly beneficial for human heart health. As it contains folic acid, fibers and potassium. If the human being is consuming a good amount of fiber then due to which it can reduce cholesterol. Essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients can be obtained just with the consumption of lentils. Globally meat is considered as major source of protein, Trans fats, and saturated fats in the diet and if we replace the meat with lentils it reduces heart disease. Blood pressure can be decreased due to presence of calcium, potassium in lentils.

Indian Lentils to fight against Cancer:

Lentils has important mineral known as selenium. Selenium is not found in most of the foods. Lentils play a role in liver enzyme functions and as it helps to prevent inflammation, decrease tumor from growth and also kill the T-cells. Cancer causing compounds in the body are cut down by liver enzyme function. Lentil fiber is also lowering the risk of colorectal cancer.

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Indian lentils for Pregnancy:

Indian lentils are highly recommended by doctors for pregnant women’s. During pregnancy. Women should consume good amount for lentils in their daily diet. To prevent from congenital disabilities folate is critical for preventing. It aids to cut down the chances of early delivery by more than 50%.

Human Digestion and regularity:

In the human body to prevent constipation and promote regularity for a healthy digestive system, a high intake of lentils fibre is important factory. For weight loss adequate amount of fibre works as bulking source in the digestive system

Fighting against fatigue:

To fight against fatigue lentils are the best way to energies the body. Fatigue is caused due to deficiency of iron in human body.

As per studies, women ranging in the age group of 18 to 50 years has usually a deficiency of iron. If the women are not getting enough iron in their daily diet which may affect their efficiency. To get one third of daily iron humans needs to consume one cup of cooked lentils. Haemoglobin in the blood is not the source of iron it means non-heme. As meat and fish contains iron that is heme, while plant sources are known as non-heme. Non-heme iron does not get absorbed easily in the body but it is valuable for people who do not take intake of meat.

Types of Lentils supplied by Indian Organic Products India

  • Brown lentils: Brown Lentils are often used for soups and stews.
  • Green lentils: Green lentils are used for making good salad or tacos.
  • Red lentils: Indian dals and purees are made with red lentils.
  • Black lentils: Indian purees are made with black lentils.

Organic Products India is one of the leading lentil suppliers in India exporting best quality of Organic lentils to various countries across global. Lentils from Indian Origin are considered to be good in size and quality across the globe.