Organic Cultivation of Seeds

In India Organic farming is not a new concept, it carries rich history since ancient time. The main aim of cultivation of land is to keep the soil with all its nutrients and in good health by using all natural wastes of crops, cow dunk, farms waste and other biological material which leads to the supply of nutrients to crop and without creating pollution.

Actual need of organic cultivations

Organic cultivation is important for future of the world as well as very critical for every human body to grow healthily. It should be encouraged because it acts as a protective shield to all the natural elements of this planet. Organic cultivation is better suited to climatic changes, bio-diversity protection, soil fertility enhances and on top organically cultivated food is nutritious abundant and tastes good as well.

Cultivation method can be best utilized in organic farming with the following techniques –

  • Rotation of crops: to grow various kinds of crops in the same area, according to different seasons in a sequential manner
  • Green Manure: To increase the quality of soil by using the dying plants that are uprooted and stuffed into the soil
  • Biological pest control: In this process living organisms are used to control the usage of pesticides, with limited use of chemicals
  • Compost: Recycled Organic Matter used as a fertilizer in agricultural farms are highly rich in nutrients.
  • Other methods like Crop Diversity, Soil Management, Weed Management, Controlling other organisms, Livestock, etc; are also undertaken to form organic cultivation.

Organic cultivation is enforced in many nations as it minimizes the use of various harmful chemicals which are hazardous to the overall environment. There is more focus on using natural ways to enhance the quality of soil and the cultivation of crops. Organic cultivation is nothing more than a modernization in cultivation. It is a combination of science, technology, and nature.

In India this year Sikkim state is declared as the first state which is fully organic and other states are following the same footprints. The other Indian states, including Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Kerala are already walking towards becoming organic and a country where maximum pesticides are being still used that are been banned in more than 67 countries. We hope gradually the complete world will start doing organic farming and which will really make a positive, good, progressive difference.