organic vs non-organic spices

ORGANIC VS NON-ORGANIC SPICES OR Why buy organic spices?

Spices are seeds, fruits, roots, barks, or other plant substances primarily used for flavouring or colouring food. Spices have always played a very important role in the way we have cooked and prepared various varieties of food. All around the world, people take the help of different kinds of spices in order to add their own unique flavour and essence. Spices are so powerful that, the use of a particular set of spices can actually make or break a dish.

Compared with products grown using usual or conventional methods, organically grown products has lower levels of pesticide residue. The safety rules for the highest levels of residue allowed on conventional products have changed. In many cases, the levels have been lowered or decreased. Organically grown spices are better than spices that are grown with chemicals and pesticides in comparison with organic spices that are grown without chemicals and preservatives and are not fumigated or irradiated.

Conventional herbs and spices are not having the concentrated medicinal and health benefits that one expects, rather they will contain high concentrations of toxic chemical additives, GMOs, synthetic anti-caking agents such as sodium aluminosilicate, sodium ferrocyanide, calcium silicate or silicon dioxide, pesticides, and more composition-disrupting additives.

Conventional products and spices are also grown using fumigation and irradiation practices, which change the chemical composition of an herb or spice by exposing it to ethylene oxide and radiation to kill off bacteria and other contaminants which creates carcinogenic by-products that can increase exposure to free radical damage.

Organic spices help to fight a wide range of diseases and enable an individual to lead a better lifestyle. So, it is essential to add organic spices to the dishes while cooking as it adds more nutrients and benefits when compared to other non-organic or conventional ingredients.

There are various benefits of using organic spices and those are as below:

  • Organic spices do not come with any pesticides or harmful agricultural chemicals.
  • Organic spices are more nutritious and better for health.
  • Responsible for giving a boost to one’s immunity.
  • Many health issues like cancer, digestive problems, birth defects, etc., can be addressed.
  • Organically grown spices are fresher than the ones that get produced with the help of chemicals and pesticides
  • Provides more essential nutrients
  • Improves Metabolism

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