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The Health Benefits of Quinoa for Weight Loss


Quinoa is a new buzz word in the health industry though its presence can be traced back many years ago.  Since its discovery Quinoa is considered as an energy cum nutrient-dense food with lots of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in it. Quinoa is well known for its health benefits, including weight loss. Let us crack down this little, tiny bundle of energy-giving seed to understand the various health benefits.

Nutritional Benefits of Quinoa for Weight loss:

As mentioned above Quinoa looks like a simple seed grain but has a lot of energy packed into it.  Apart from its delicious taste, it imparts many advantages to human health. Over these many years Quinoa has been a subject of study for its nutritional values. Quinoa is not only delicious but also a nutritional powerhouse aiding weight loss.  Below are some of important aspects:

  • Protein Rich: Quinoa is one of the rare varieties of plant product that is rich in protein content. Power packed with amino acids essential for human body, Quinoa rich diet helps you feel fuller for longer time and aids in reduction of appetite. Protein rich diet is always good for metabolic rate as more energy is consumed in breaking down complex proteins. Protein found in quinoa enhances metabolism and aids in digestion.
  • Fiber Rich: Quinoa is full of dietary fiber. Fiber rich foods are good for weight loss journey. Foods rich in fiber need more energy from the body to digest the food and hence body spends more energy in digesting fibres. Body feels fullers for longer time and hence excessive eating can be avoided. Hence one tends to reduce overeating and snacks between the meals. Right portion size mixed with good fibrous vegetables is excellent combination for weight loss. The Quinoa suppliers sell Quinoa using this USP as it aids in weight loss.
  • Poor Glycaemic Index: The measure (with respect to time) at which the blood sugar levels arise in human body is termed as glycaemic index (GI). High GI foods are quickly digested by human body and can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels, leading to increased hunger and cravings. Quinoa, the super foods, has a relatively low GI, which means it is digested and broken down more slowly helping human body releasing sustained energy resulting in low sugar levels in the blood.
  • Packed with Essential Nutrients: Quinoa is rich in essential nutrients apart from being rich in fiber and protein. Essential nutrients like Zinc, B- Vitamins, Potassium and magnesium make quinoa good for overall health and weight management.

Ways to use Quinoa in daily diet for weight loss.

Let us have quick look at how we can incorporate Quinoa into our daily diet.

  • Quinoa Salad: Simple to make by adding favourite fruits and vegetables making it more nutrient dense and fiber rich. Here the quantity of Quinoa is more than other ingredients to maintain protein intake.
  • Quinoa Soup: Again, making Quinoa soups with lots of vegetables and beans is a healthier option for weight loss. Quinoa manufacturers print varieties of recipes using Quinoa and sell them with Quinoa packs so more awareness can be brought amongst the consumers.
  • Quinoa Breakfast Bowl or Dinner Bowl: Quinoa can be eaten any time in a day. Great to start your day with breakfast bowl with protein and fiber rich meal. But sometimes due to busy mornings we might skip the healthier options. So having Quinoa Khichadi/ porridge in dinner is also healthy option.
  • Quinoa Roti / Flat bread: Looking into so many benefits of Quinoa, some Quinoa Manufacturers also produce flour out of Quinoa seeds and sell them directly to dealers so that consumer can enjoy rotis out this flour which are gluten free and intact with nutrients in it. Flat bread/ Rotis are more consumed in Indian Subcontinent.

Looking at the great benefits of Quinoa it imparts to human health, it should not be ignored that overdose of anything can affect health in its own way. In process of losing weight, one should always be mindful of portion size and right ingredients mixed with it.

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