Ways to Use Psyllium Husk

Ways to Use Psyllium Husk

Psyllium seeds are obtained from Plantago ovata. Psyllium husk is derived from psyllium seeds.

Psyllium husk has lots of benefits. It is a new buzz word in the market when it comes to health benefits For instance, psyllium husk has high fiber content so it is widely used for chronic constipation issues, digestion-related issues, colon-related issues, weight loss-related issues, and more.

There are many ways to consume psyllium husk. Some of them are as under:

  • Smoothies, shakes, and soups

    Healthy options for meals are fruit shakes, milkshakes, hot & spicy soups, and delicious smoothies. To add more health to it and to enhance their fiber content, Psyllium husks can be added to them too.

  • Gravies and broths

    Psyllium husks are known for their swell volume and the ability to add thickness to things they are added to. So, they make gravies and broths thicker, tastier, and richer in fiber.

  • Dressing

    Psyllium husks, when used as a salad dressing, make the dish aesthetically beautiful and health-wise better.

  • Hot cereal and porridge

    When Psyllium husk is added to hot cereal and/or porridge, they become more filling for the stomach and healthier for the gut.

  • Bakery items

    In order to increase the fiber content, psyllium husk can also be added to cakes, cookies, bread, etc., while baking. It also acts as a binding agent and can be used in baking instead of eggs.

  • Psyllium husk in flour form

    Psyllium husk, when mixed with other flours, can be used for gluten-free production of bakery items, like muffins. It blends well with almond flour and coconut flour.

  • Protein shakes

    Protein shakes when mixed with psyllium husks create the best combination for healthy super food. The combo takes care of muscle building as well as gut health.

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