Why Choose Organic Products India As A Lentil Supplier

Why choose Organic Products India as a lentil supplier

Humans have been consuming Lentils for thousands of years. Lentils were considered as a poor man’s food due to their inexpensive nature. Lentils may be cheap but their nutritious value is huge and is the most flavorful among all the legumes.

Lentils, botanically-known as Lens culinaris esculenta, grow in pods that contain either one or two lentil seeds. Lentils are known as dal or dahl in India, lentils are dried after harvesting and may be sold whole or split into halves, with the brown and green varieties are the best at maintaining their shape after cooking.

Lentil History

Lentils are believed to be originated in the Near East or Mediterranean area and have been a good source of sustenance for our ancestors since prehistoric times. Lentils are one of the oldest pulse crop known to mankind and they are one of the earliest domesticated crops. The word lentil originates from the Latin lens. Lentil artefacts have been found on archaeological digs on the banks of the Euphrates River dating back to 8,000 B.C. and there has been evidence of the Egyptians, Romans, and Hebrew consuming this legume.

Lentil’s Reputation

Lentil’s reputation depends on the location; lentils were either considered a necessity or a fancy crop for the upper class. While poor people who could not afford fish during the season of Lent substituted lentils, lentils graced the tables of servants and kings alike as a tasty and plentiful source of protein. In Greece, legumes were fed to the less fortunate while in Egypt it was sold to royalty.

Today, however, lentils are a food for all, and have taken a prominent place among edible legumes, for both farmers as well as restaurant and home chefs. While other legumes have fallen off of menus, the lentil has risen in popularity. Agriculturally, lentils are a solid crop when drought is likely and the soil conditions are not favorable. In the kitchen, lentils are appreciated for their ability to cook quickly, offer delicious flavor, and provide plenty of nutrients, such as protein, iron, and Vitamins A and B.

Why Organic Products India?

Organic Products India has been in the Organic Grain Industry only for past 5 years, but has been exporting organic since past 30 years. With a wide exposure to the export terms & handling many products, today Organic Products India is one of the leading lentil suppliers & pulses suppliers in India. Organic Products India have two manufacturing facilities already for the processing of oilseeds & spices in Unjha, Gujarat. We are pioneer organic products manufacturers in India. Organic Products India follows all the BRC norms from sourcing to the manufacturing of the product. Organic Products India exports products to many countries. We always look forward to practice Organic culture & provide our clients a clean & healthy product. More with the usage of lentils, we understand the importance of organic to the world. We are here to supply you all the variety in lentils.

With a clarity of thought & focus on long term association, we move forward in the market for lentils. Our vision compels us to grow together with our customer & evolve to create better relationships with healthy products. Hope the increasing demand for the product helps introduce us to new purchasers & we can be pleased to serve you with transparency & excellent quality!