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What is Cumin and Uses of Cumin

What is Cumin? Uses of Cumin

What Is Cumin? Cumin is a representative of the genus (Cuminum cyminum) in the family of parsley. Originally the homeland is located in Eastern Mediterranean and Upper Egypt, while grown in many other parts of the world today. This beloved spice not only adds its distinctive flavor to varieties of culinary dishes and traditional medicine […]

Get to Know about Different Types of Cumin Seeds

Get to Know about Different Types of Cumin Seeds

Every spice has its own flavor and essence that make a difference to any cuisine. Cumin is one of the spices that are popularly used across the world. Belonging to the same family as parsley, cumin seeds come from a flowering plant that is also a common herb found in kitchens. Cumin seeds have a unique […]

Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds benefits for babies & kids

Cumin Seeds are among spices which are loaded with lots of medicinal properties and are used to cure many common health problems. Cumin is known as Jira in Sanskrit, meaning the one which helps digestion. Cumin seeds help in treating respiratory disorders, colic and inflammation in babies, kids and adults. Cumin water has been used […]