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The Magic of Black Spices for Great Health!

We all know that the colour BLACK has been a universal favorite since generations & is also associated with negatives as Black magic. An extreme contrast but ‘Black’ is truly magical with the spices! Yes, I am talking of the magical results that some Black spices can bring to your life & your health. It is a dismal to know that we are unaware of the uses of few of these ingredients in our kitchen listed below. We have forgotten as to how these ingredients can be incorporated in our daily life so as to get the maximum benefit out of these. So as a gentle reminder let us discuss some tips & tricks, as how we can add these black beauties to our diets;

1. Black Sesame Seeds: Black Sesame seeds are great for building your body; they consist of healthy fats as polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-6. Apart from this they are proven to reduce the risk of Cancer, they have anti ageing properties, they can relieve constipation, they stabilize your blood pressure etc. This one seed consists of varied benefits, so can we definitely cannot ignore this ingredient. As Black Sesame Seeds are utilized mostly in baking, the quantity a person consumes in baked foods cannot make much difference in our health as it is a very small portion. So let me suggest you a great way of consuming these seeds.

Tips & Tricks: For the ones, who want magical results in body building; just go for Black Sesame Milk. Yes, this trend is getting popular world over & you can find the recipe very easily over the web. One can add this milk to their regular almond or Soy milk or have it directly with cereals & boost great health in a month!

2. Black Cumin Seeds: The Black Seeds that can actually brighten your life. To all my fair ladies there, this is an ancient beauty secret as a remedy to almost all the fears a women can have. Say it & the seeds can do magic, be it obesity, ageing, stress, acne, rashes, falling or greying hair, your nails to anything that is inside your body like your heart health, blood sugar, cough, kidney cleansing to any issue you can speak of except death as mentioned in the Quran. Black Cumin Seeds are popularly consumed in bakery or in the oil form. The essential oils are also applied externally for many ailments. The best way to get rid of any aliments however is to consume these seeds in your daily diets. The easiest way to do that is in salads, as that also helps in good absorption of the nutrient.

Tips & Tricks: As a trick to consume these spicy seeds I will suggest you a great way. Black Seeds consumed with honey are the best possible snack & these both can be used as a dressing on salads or any foods you like. Honey enhances the taste of the spicy black seeds & both ingredients together complement each other the best way!

3. Black Pepper: This spice is well known as the ‘King of Spices’, as it is used widely. Black Pepper powder is a widely used ingredient in many cuisines & adds to that extra spice to any ordinary recipe. It has some extraordinary benefits that are often not known. In this growing stressful world where your enthusiasm is your strength, black pepper gives you just that. Black pepper is proven to be an anti-depressant & a pinch of the same daily can cure depression in the long run. Apart from this Black pepper is also good for your dental health; it aids digestion by cleaning the intestines & also helps cure cancer, Vitiligo, obesity & blood pressure issues. Black Pepper is rich in minerals & so great for your skin & hair. Mostly consumed in the powder form even a pinch of this spice daily can help you remain fit & healthy.

Tips & Tricks: The best way how we Indians consume this spice is by adding it to buttermilk. It is consumed at the end of the meals or after the meals & help cleans the intestine by flushing out all the impurities, thus by enhancing proper absorption of nutrients from the consumed food.

4. Black Cardamom: When we talk about the king of spices, how can we forget the queen? Black Cardamom is known as the ‘Queen of Spices’ for the very obvious reasons. It has a beautiful flavour& aroma while providing you just the nourishment you require. Just to list some important benefits of this spice, it helps in maintaining the gastrointestinal health, it is a best product for improving the skin complexion by promoting circulation, it contains anti-cancerous attributes which helps in preventing breast cancer, colon, prostate & ovaries cancer, it helps reduce high blood pressure, it is a cure against muscular spasms, eliminates bad breath etc. But a very unique benefit of this spice is it helps support proper heart rhythm. You would not require pace makers if this spice is consumed on regular basis. A great heart is a key to a great health & the queen of spice controls exactly that!

Tips & Tricks: Now here we have multiple options of consuming Black Cardamom. Have it to flavour you rice & biryani’s or deserts. Boil it in your tea & have an aromatic tea. Add its powder to your masala’s & get that extra flavourful dish. Consume it anyway; it will always be a pleasure!

Add these ingredients to your diet & forget about any supplements you are wondering to consume. Our kitchens have all the medicines required to keep our body & mind healthy. All we need is to remind ourselves about the immense benefits our ancestors were aware of. Just remember the few spices mentioned above & you are good to go!


Psyllium – Today’s Prevention & Cure

Psyllium or Isabgol, as it’s normally called as a husk of a seed. Let’s check out why Psyllium is such an hype now a days…

As we already know, people with higher fibre diets have less risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, and it can drastically reduce your cholesterol and improve your digestion. Psyllium with all its properties can do much more.  It is prevention & a cure for many diseases. Where Flax & other fibrous seed husks can fall short, Psyllium can do more wonder. Psyllium is extracted from a plant called Plantago ovate. The Plantago plant family has about 200 other members, including many different varieties of plants. It is predominantly produced and exported from India, where it has been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It is also grown in other Asian and European countries, but on a very small scale. This seed husk has grown in popularity over the years due to the changing lifestyle & dietary malfunctions. Psyllium has shown great results as a medicine & adopted by all pharmaceutical companies for their production. Also it has been a great preventer in acidity & weight issues. As mentioned due to many of its properties Psyllium has an advantage over the other seed husk. Let’s know how Psyllium works.

How does Psyllium work inside the body?

Psyllium Husk is known to have high dietary fibres. To put it simply is, there are two categories of dietary fibres, one is soluble fibres & other is insoluble fibres. The insoluble fibres cannot absorb good amount of water & hence are of lesser use to the body, but the soluble fibres can absorb huge amount of water & hold it in the body. Psyllium husks have soluble fibre in huge amount due to which it absorbs & holds water in the body making the GI track well lubricated. As it swells, it turns into a thick gel and traps some nutrients and body fluids, which are then transported out of the body trapped in this gel, and without being digested. A certain amount of glucose is also trapped in the entire course of digestion & is excreted without any effect on the body. Hence, lesser amount of glucose is absorbed in to the blood reducing the diabetes risk. Psyllium also intervenes in secretion of a digestive juice called bile & thus reduces the unwanted cholesterol from the body.

To describe this in few words, Psyllium regulates the highs & lows in our body through our digestive track. It creates & restores the balance of the basic functions f our body making us healthier in many ways. Hence, as said Psyllium is prevention as well as a cure to many physical ailments.

What does Psyllium prevent & cure?

Constipation: When combined with water, psyllium swells & forms a gel like consistency, this stimulates intestines to contract & help speed the passage of stool.

Diabetes: Psyllium absorbs excessive glucose & helps them pass during bowels. This balances out the blood glucose level. This also helps the pancreas secreted insulin to balance out the glucose level in the blood without building pressure on our system.

Diarrhoea: Psyllium can also be used to help relieve mild-to-moderate diarrhoea. It soaks up to a significant amount of water in the digestive tract, making stool firmer and slower to pass.

Heart Disease: High fibre diet reduces the risk of cholesterol in the body and helps to lower levels of triglycerides, thus reducing the cardiovascular risk.

Haemorrhoids: Psyllium is recommended by doctors to help soften stool and reduce the pain associated with haemorrhoids.

Obesity: Psyllium holds the water in the body making the stomach heavier & reducing the cravings.

All this & many more risks are reduced by Psyllium. India dominates the world market in production and export of Psyllium husk powder. It provides approximately 80% of Psyllium husk powder in the world market. India has the upper hand when it comes to cultivating Psyllium, because of certain factors. India’s light soils and warm temperate regions highly promote this crop’s growth. It also thrives well in warm-temperature regions with cool and dry weather. As most regions in India are characterized by this weather. This gives India an upper hand on Psyllium exports.

Psyllium & Psyllium products are used in many industries throughout the world. This so called home remedy in Ayurveda has become the most demanded produce in the industrial world & its application is also vivid. Below is the list, Psyllium is used for many purposes –

  • Psyllium is used to prevent landscaping or soil erosion
  • In pharmaceutical industry, Psyllium is used as thickening agent during capsule formulation
  • Psyllium is used in food and beverages industry, in health drinks, beverages, ice-cream, bread, biscuits, other bakery products, rice, cakes etc., to improve the fibre content of the product
  • Psyllium is used in breakfast cereals
  • Psyllium is being used as a thickener in ice-cream and frozen deserts
  • Psyllium is used for animal feed
  • Psyllium is used as a preventive for sand accumulation in animals mainly in sandy region

So many uses of this product make it the most popular product of the current times & which can be felt by its increasing demand in the global market.

Truly a magic food ingredient for humans with such a paced lifestyle of today!