hulled sesame seeds exporter

Hulled Sesame seeds are those sesame seeds in which the outer coating called as the husk is removed to obtain easily digestible seeds. These are a very commonly used ingredient in bakery industry & consumed popularly in the European region. Also used for making Tahini this is consumed more in Middle East.

Organic Products India are hulled sesame seed exporters, manufacturers and suppliers of high quality sesame seeds throughout the world.


  • Country of Origin


  • Harvest Period

    Kharif Crop (Oct/Nov); Rabi Crop (May/June)

  • Color


  • Packaging

    10 KG , 22.68 KG, 25 KG Multiwall Paper Bags; 1 MT Tote bags

  • Labeling

    Private labeling as per buyers need

  • Shelf Life

    18 Months from Production Date

  • GMO Status

    GMO Free

  • Specification

    Detailed Specification on Request


We can offer the following packaging options:
  • 20 Feet 18.5 MT
  • 40 Feet 26 MT
They are mainly used in bakeries to use as seasonings on breads and the like. Hulled sesame seeds are crunchier and nuttier than their natural counterparts. They are extensively used in Mediterranean and middle eastern bakery cuisines such as Tahini and Halwa.