Organic Black Cumin

Black Cumin seeds are derived from the plant Nigella Sativa which is native to south-west Asia. They are highly preferred in the cosmetic, medicine and food industry for their strong flavored Oil extracts. They are known as Kalonji in the Indian market. These seeds have an earthy and smoky taste. They have been in use since centuries for it’s curative and culinary properties. It has been used in various herbal and medicinal products by the Ayurvedic branch of medicines. It is a common seasoning agent in the Asian and Middle eastern cuisines.

Organic Products India are black cumin seed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality seeds throughout the world.


  • Country of Origin


  • Harvest Period

    Rabi Crop(Mar/Apr)

  • Color


  • Packaging

    10 KG , 22.68 KG, 25 KG Multiwall Paper Bags; 1 MT Tote bags

  • Labeling

    Private labeling as per buyers need

  • Shelf Life

    18 Months from Production Date

  • GMO Status

    GMO Free

  • Specification

    Detailed Specification on Request


We can offer the following packaging options:
  • 20 Feet 24 MT
  • 40 Feet 26 MT
Black Cumin seeds are used as spices in cooking. Black cumin seeds in powder form to create Ayurvedic medicines. The oil derived from these seeds can also be used for topical treatments and consumption.