Quinoa seeds, scientifically known as Chenopodium quinoa, are small, grain-like seeds that have gained popularity due to their numerous health benefits. Native to the Andean region, quinoa is a complete protein source, containing all essential amino acids. These tiny seeds are gluten-free and rich in fibre, making them an excellent choice for those with dietary restrictions. Quinoa is also packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, contributing to improved digestion, heart health, and immune function. Furthermore, its versatility allows for various culinary uses, from salads and side dishes to breakfast cereals and even desserts. Quinoa seeds truly offer a wholesome and nutritious addition to any diet.

Organic Products India is a quinoa seed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high-quality organic quinoa seeds all over the world.


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  • Harvest Period


  • Color


  • Packaging

    10 KG, 22.68 KG, 25 KG Multiwall Paper Bags; 1 MT Tote bag

  • Labeling

    Private labelling as per buyers' need

  • Shelf Life

    24 Months from Production Date

  • GMO Status

    GMO Free

  • Specification

    Detailed Specification on Request


  • 20 Feet 20 MT
  • 40 Feet 26 MT
Quinoa seeds have a wide range of culinary uses. They can be cooked and used in salads, side dishes and main courses. They can also be ground into flour for baking or used to make porridge and breakfast cereals. Quinoa seeds are incredibly versatile and can enhance various recipes.