Spices Exporter

Spices refer to any dried part of a plant, other than the leaves, used for seasoning and flavoring a recipe. They are usually never the main ingredient of the recipe but add a distinct flavor to it. Besides adding flavor, they also act as a food preservative. Most spices have antimicrobial properties.India is the world's largest consumer, producer, and exporter of spices.Some examples of spices include clove, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, pepper, turmeric, ginger, mace, saffron, vanilla, cumin, dill seed and more.

Organic Products India is one of the leading spices exporters, manufacturers, and suppliers in India and throughout the world.


  • Country of Origin


  • Harvest Period

    Winter Crop (Feb-March)

  • Color


  • Packaging

    10 KG , 22.68 KG, 25 KG Multiwall Paper Bags; 1 MT Tote bags

  • Labeling

    Private labeling as per buyers need

  • Shelf Life

    18 Months from Production Date

  • GMO Status


  • Specification

    Detailed Specification on Request


  • 20 Feet 22 - 24 Metric Tonne
  • 40 Feet 26 Metric Tonne
Spices are used as a medicinal ingredient in Ayurvedic practice & are essential in curing regular diseases like headache, cough & cold. These are an essential part of Indian cuisine since ages which is why you will find most of the prominent spices exporters in India. They are commonly used in Indian foods and are famous for their distinct spicy flavor of Indian foods. They are also used as natural preservatives.