Top Health Benefits of Sesame Seed Powder

Top Health Benefits of Sesame Seed Powder

Health is and should be a top priority in one’s life. Apart from moderate exercise and good nutritious food, natural health supplements are also important. In the ongoing struggle of balancing professional and personal life, health plays a vital role. To maintain good physical and mental health nutritional plant source can be a considered as good option. Sesame seed powder is a powerful source of nutrition. It comes with several health benefits.

Below are listed some important health benefits of sesame seed powder:

  • Nutrient Dense:
    Healthy fats, fiber and protein are major components of Sesame seed powder. It has power of vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. These vitamins and minerals are helpful for muscle tissue maintenance and increasing bone density.
  • Best Antioxidant:
    Due to the presence of antioxidants like sesamol and sesamin in sesame seed, it benefits human body by reducing inflammation and protecting cells against any damage.
  • Skeletal Health:
    As sesame seeds powder is rich in calcium mineral, it is consumed by people suffering from calcium deficiency. Consuming proper intake of this powder in daily food helps in maintaining bone health and avoid conditions like osteoporosis. The combination of sun bath and adequate and optimum use of sesame is best combination for avoiding poor bone health.
  • Cardiac Health:
    In sesame seed powder there are monounsaturated fats which are helpful in maintaining good cholesterol in turn helping to maintain good heart health there by reducing the risk of heart diseases.
  • Better Digestion:
    As sesame seeds are rich in fibre content, it helps in better digestion. This in turn helps in regular bowel movements. As a result good gut health is achieved by the body. Sesame seeds powder when used with other fibrous vegetables and fruits may help is easing constipation.
  • Blood Sugar Control:
    Due to the presence of high fibre sesame seed powder is said to be low GI food. Low GI food always help to regulate blood sugar levels. It helps diabetic people to have lower sugar levels in blood which in turns may help in maintaining good health of organs and organ system.
  • Hair Care and Skin Care:
    The vitamins and minerals present in sesame seeds are beneficial for maintaining good skin and hair health. Vitamin D3 from sunlight and calcium from sesame seeds can be a best remedy for string hair follicles and there by strong hairs. Regular intake of sesame seed powder can help protect hair and skin against damage.
  • Full Support to Immune System:
    Sesame seed powder is power house for vitamins and minerals. These vitamin and minerals help human body to develop good immunity. These days due to life style changes and polluted environment, adequate intake of sesame powder cab keep our immune system in check to fight against any infections and diseases.
  • Lower Blood Pressure Levels:
    Consumption of sesame powder can help in maintenance of blood pressure levels but regular intake of medicines prescribed by doctor is necessary.

Apart from above benefits, sesame seed powder is also beneficial in aiding in blood cell formation, in improving better gut health, lowering triglyceride levels, reducing inflammation in body and many more. Optimum consumption helps achieve above benefits, but overdose may cause severe allergies.  Hence balanced and moderate intake is advisable.

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