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Reasons to Have Sesame Seeds in Your Daily Diet

Sesame seeds are one of the oldest oilseed crops cultivated around 4,000 years ago, that can be seen in various cultures. Sesame has one of the highest oil contents than any seeds with a rich, nutty flavor. For Indian, they are a symbol of immortality. It is a common ingredient in cuisines across the globe. Today, they’re used for cooking or as a condiment the most prominent users are India, Korea, China and Japan.

Sesame Seeds can be consumed raw or one can incorporate them in their daily diet through Sesame Protein bars or Sesame Oil. Sesame seeds contain antioxidant properties that may benefit your health. This unique mixture of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins. There are not one but many reasons you should include the best quality sesame seeds in your breakfast, lunch & dinner and few of them are mentioned below.

Sesame Seeds Results to Healthy Bones

Human Body needs calcium in day to day life and to fulfill that Milk and other dairy products are the most vital source of calcium. As human body requires substantial calcium for healthy bone growth and maintenance. As human body continually take calcium out of our bones and replace it with new calcium, it called as a process of bone “remodeling”.  So our body requires continuously intake calcium to prevent the body from taking out more calcium than it can replace.

As due to low level of calcium in humans this may cause many health issues. Children may suffer from stunted growth without proper intake of calcium’s. Low calcium levels can also lead to weak bones and may lead to risk for fractures. As a substitute for milk and other dairy products, it is recommended that the average adult intake of sesame seeds should be about 2,000 mg per day. Natural Sesame seeds or Hulled Sesame seeds can provide 975 mg of calcium to your daily intake in 100 gm.

Natural sesame seeds aid’s to reduce anxiety & stress in humans

The huge number of population in the world is suffering from anxiety and stress. The reason behind this unhealthy food, lack of sleep, work pressure many other reasons. To overcome this problem people should Change their diet, in addition to medical treatments which can have a positive effect on reducing your stress and anxiety levels. Nutrients, proteins and Vitamins which are may be lacking in your diet are directly interlinked to anxiety. The internal reaction between low level of magnesium in human body may lead to increased level of anxiety.

Magnesium plays a vital role in human bodies for easy metabolic functions. It regulates the nervous system, which can lead to you feeling more relaxed and calm, effectively reducing stress and anxiety.

Sesame seeds proteins add to balanced diet.

For daily smooth body functioning protein intake is very essential. Protein helps to develop and regulates bones, nails, skin, hairs, internal cells, and muscles. Regular protein consumption helps to prevent against many common ailments and diseases, like cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer. Natural Sesame Seeds and Hulled sesame Seeds proteins are very rich sources of proteins to human consumptions.  According to Food and drug administration average person should intake 50-64 grams of protein per day.

Sesame is Anti-Cancer treatment

Sesame Seeds have cancer-busting properties named as sesamollingan. This compound shows the properties to fight against cancer. The antioxidants in sesame seeds can induce mitochondrial apoptosis in colon cancer cells. Regarding heart health sesamol has also shown the properties to reduce damage from radiation. Sesamol compound found in sesame oil can significantly reduce the damage which may cause to DNA by radiation.

Sesame Seeds lower the bad cholesterol level

As Sesame Seeds are rich in phytosterols and it also has similar compound structure to cholesterol. Due to this phytosterols help to block the bad form of cholesterol from getting mixed in blood. Which results in reduce a risk factor linked to heart attack and strokes.As there are more than 200 varieties of phytosterols found in plant-based foods. They are mostly found in seeds and nuts, and with the highest concentrations found in sesame seeds about 400 mg per 100 g.

Massages for babies with Sesame Seed Oil

In today’s world parents are very careful about there children and they do lot of research to make sure that they are providing best to child. Parents prefer natural and organic products then harmful chemicals found in popular items available in market. As Sesame Seeds are great natural source for baby products. Natural Sesame Seeds oil has proven many benefits like improvement in sleep, healthy bones and fast growth.


Sesame – A Global Delight!

Sesame seeds or Sesamum Indicuma plant is not only a native to Africa & India but widely used across the globe. Asia is the largest consumer of Sesame Seeds & the west is surely following the footsteps. Sesame seeds are like one of the super food since ages where our ancestors found multiple ways to consume this amazing seed. As time passes we are still able to find many ways of consuming this power house of energy & we shall keep finding new ways to incorporate these little wonders in our diet.

The primary use of Sesame seeds in Asian countries is in the form of cooking oil. Sesame seeds oil content is approximately 45% to 52% & is stable oil for cooking purpose. It is known as the king of vegetable oils in the east & the Queen of Vegetable oils in the west due to its nutritive value & content of anti-oxidants such as sesamin, sesaminol & sesaminolglucosides.

The Japanese rightly say, that “Food is to be tested by eyes first & then by the tongue”. They pay detailed attention to the way the food looks & use sesame seeds for garnish, with the right crunch & added flavour. Japanese even ground these beauties on the table & have it as a spread on any given dish. But the highest consumption in both the Japanese & Chinese cuisines is the oil of the seeds.

Moving a little ahead, the Middle Eastern folks have a unique way of consuming Sesame seeds. They ground the Sesame seeds into a thick paste known as Tahini. Tahini is used as a dip & further used to make many delectable dishes. It is indeed a very tasty way of consuming Sesame Seeds. Nowadays it is also added to the peanut butter for that extra nutty flavour. Though it is famous due to a completely different reason, a dish known globally today – the Hummus. Hummus is made by mixing Tahini & Chickpeas paste. We can taste it with pita bread or add to Falafel, but with that added Sesame oil on the top, so yummy!

The Middle Eastern countries have really contributed quite a lot when it comes to Sesame recipes. Another very delicious dish is the Halva. Halva is a sweet delicacy made from Sesame paste & honey. It is widely consumed in the Middle East, Greece & Israel.  Each one has their unique version of the recipe for halva, but all are without dairy & gluten. Such an amazing source of energy for those avoiding dairy & gluten products!

The sesame seeds are consumed in the west but in very little quantity as compared to the east. The western countries use Sesame & honey to make Sesame bars. Sesame seeds are also used in chocolates & mainly consumed as confectionery. The seeds are de-hulled & sprinkled on bread, burgers & snacks. They are also consumed in crackers & sesame sticks.

Today the Sesame prices are soaring but even then the level of consumption is high, such are the benefits of these amazing seeds. Sesame seeds are a very good source of manganese, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin, B1, selenium & dietary fibres. A great source of energy recommended for bodybuilders. Since ancient times we are consuming these great seeds without completely knowing the health benefits. But I am sure after knowing the same; we will find many more tasty ways to add these to our diets.

Sesame is truly a global delight and most of the dishes are not complete without adding this crunchy flavour over the top.