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Exploring All about Organic Farming

As more and more people started to realize the importance preserving nature and role of natural food in their lives, organic farming came to the forefront. Despite high prices, today consumer’s choices are skewed towards products labeled as organic. Owing to the growing demands for naturally grown products in domestic as well as overseas market, the organic products manufacturers in India have stepped up their production and are successfully catering to a large section of the people across the globe.

Understanding the concept of organic farming

The core theory behind organic farming is to promote natural and sustainable farm management practice. It is the form of agricultural farming that advocates the philosophy of working with nature. It aims to create a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable food production system that benefits all.

The fundamental idea behind organic farming is to produce nutritional food without causing any harm to the nature.  Organic producers use natural processes and materials (shun away external farming inputs, such as pesticides, artificial fertilizers, additives, and genetically modified organisms). These contribute to soil fertility, crop nutrition, and pest and weed management and conservation of biological diversity.  It helps maintain a harmonious balance in the environment keeping it productive and flourishing.

Organic farming usually involves traditional methods of farming along with practice of the some modern techniques based on scientific researches. The central objective is to yield quality produce with minimal waste and damage to nature.

Key principles of organic farming

Organic farming practice calls for adoption of certain regulations and principles. Usually there are some common principles followed in most of the countries. These include:

  • Principle of health: This aims at promoting farming practice that protects and enhances the health of all organisms which includes not only humans but also soil microorganisms.
  • Principle of ecology: According to this, the organic farming should preserve and benefit the environment (landscape, climate, natural habitats, biodiversity, air, water, and soil) through using environment-friendly techniques.
  • Principle of fairness: This recommends being genuine and respectful towards all involved in the business: farmers, suppliers, traders and consumers. It focuses on proper working and living conditions of the workers and adequate supply of quality products to the consumers.
  • Principle of care: This stresses on observing necessary precautions to achieve right balance for the future needs. It encourages utilizing resources responsibly, keeping in mind the upcoming generations and nature’s requirements.

Organic Farming practices

Be it mustard manufacturers or turmeric producers, people involved in organic farming, rely on a set of tools and practices. However, each farm operation employs its own combination of tools and practices to build a working organic system. Following is the list of primary organic crop production practices.

  • Crop rotation: This means using the same land for growing different crops in recurrent succession. It prevents soil erosion and maintains soil fertility.
  • Cover crop and green manures: These are primarily grown not for the purpose of sale but to create conditions that are beneficial for the production of subsequent crops. They protect otherwise bare soil against erosion and contribute towards improving the soil quality.
  • Manuring and composting: Manure and compost supply numerous nutrients for crop production, including micronutrients and are also valuable sources of organic matter.
  • Integrated weed management: This is achieved through processes like manual weeding, mulching, crop rotation and haymaking and more.
  • Integrated pest management: It prohibits using heavy chemicals, instead relies on biological pest control. It advocates use of one or more beneficial organisms, usually called natural enemies, to eliminate the existence of another type of organism, the pest.

Besides, the organic farming practices also encompass anaerobic soil disinfestations, buffers and barriers, mechanical soil cultivation, recycling materials and utilizing renewable resources.

All in all, organic farming echoes with sustainable agriculture system that yields improved soil quality, reduced pollution, nutritional products and enhanced ecosystem bio diversity

There can be no denying that organic farming offers multitudes of benefits to humans and the nature. This is the reason why this sector gets special recognition by the governments too. However, it’s not an easy job and hence, there’s need to open more possibilities for organic farming to flourish.

About Organic Products India:

It is one of the reputed manufactures and suppliers of organic products.  A subsidiary of globally acclaimed Veeral Agro Tech Group, the organization has anchored a benchmark in the organic farming produce. All the processes are GMP certified & a step by step approach is adopted towards providing the best quality products to the customers. A trusted name in the circle of organic products manufacturers and bulk herb suppliers, the Organic Products India is significantly impacting the organic products sector and winning accolades across the global market.

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Why opt for organic food amidst Covid-19?

Organic Food is produced using natural way, i.e. without using any synthetic chemicals or processing. This way, organic food is much safer for consumption. Organic foods and products have been around for decades. Organic food has exploded In popularity in the last decades due to it’s safe producing process. Many people believe that organic food is much safer, tastier and has much more nutrient content compared to conventional food. Organic food processing and farming also helps the environment and the well-being of animals. In order to label a food or ingredient organic, It should be free from all pesticides, synthetic or chemical fertilizers. Organic food or crops are grown using natural fertilizers and pesticides which do not harm human and animal consumption.

As you might be aware organic foods has been around for decades, but the recent pandemic of COVID 19 has made people more conscious towards their health and the nutrition they are consuming. As COVID 19 has taught us to take care of our health, many people are not only focusing on how fresh the product is but also the way the food is produced.

Why is Organic Food better than Conventional Food?

In simple terms organic food is produced naturally. As explained earlier no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are used while producing organic foods compared to conventional. Thus, eliminating any possibility of consumption of harmful and carcinogenic chemicals used while producing conventional foods. Not only the organic way produces chemical free foods but also, helps in making the food much tastier, nutritious compared to conventional way, while being sustainable and environment friendly. Many organic foods are responsible for boosting immunity which is one of the most important things fighting COVID 19.

Below are some of Organic Foods which help boosting immunity.


Turmeric has been around for centuries and is mentioned in various ayurvedic scripts for its medicinal properties. Turmeric contains a bioactive compound called curcumin which has multiple benefits along with boosting immunity. Turmeric has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, and comes in several forms with the most common being Turmeric Powder which are used in cooking foods, teas or as an organic supplement.

Black Cumin Seeds 

Black Cumin Seeds have been produced and used as a medicine for many centuries; in fact it was even discovered in the Tomb of King Tut. Organic Black Cumin has been used to treat headaches, toothaches, nasal congestion, etc. Black cumin helps in boosting immunity as well.


Ashwagandha is one herb which is heavily backed by Ayurveda; this ancient medicinal herb is known for its rejuvenation properties and is also known to give the stamina of a horse. Ashwagandha is properly known as Indian Winter Cherry or Indian Ginseng. This herb comes with multiple health benefits. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen and its anti-stress properties help the body’s ability to respond and adapt to physical, emotional and environmental stress.

Organic Products India & Veerral Agro Tech is one of the biggest organic products manufacturers in India. They are one of the leading mustard manufacturers and bulk herb suppliers.

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5 reasons to include sesame seed or til in your diet

Nowadays Health care and beauty care are essential things in our lifestyle. Having a good source of fibre and good nutrition is something we need in our daily meals to keep us healthy and warm. In which one of the secretes sources is consuming sesame seeds til in our daily meal. It will help to reduce blood pressure, heart problems and reduce the risk of cancer diseases.

Do you aware that Sesame seeds(til )have been medically proven that it contains an anti-inflammatory property that will helps to recur radical damage, reduce swelling, redness and reduce anti-ageing skin problem.

Do you know India is one of the biggest production countries in the world? According to APEDA (The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority), India contribution towards sesame exporters in the world is 18.8% in 2006-2007. In the Indian market, sesame seeds are export around thousand tons worldwide.

There are three varieties of sesame seeds which are having full of nutrition’s values.

1- Hulled sesame seed

2- Natural sesame seeds

3- Black sesame seeds

5 interesting reasons why we should consider sesame seeds or til in our diet plan:

1- Healthy and happy Digestion:

Getting good immunity and Boosting the digestive system is one of the signs of a healthy lifestyle. Black Sesame seeds can help to cure digestive problems. A Black sesame content high fibre and unsaturated fatty acid content. It will help to ease bowel movements.

2-Boost immunity:

Sesame seeds til contain good fat it will help to improve immunity and helps to boost energy levels. It also contents some nutrition’s such as fibre, iron, calcium and omega-3. It be will keep us full energized and keep us healthy.

3-Nourish and charm Skincare: 

Consuming sesame or using sesame oil will help to nourish your skin and improves your anti-ageing problems. Applying sesame seeds will keep your skin shining and moisturise your skin. On a winter day, it will be beneficial to keep your skin smooth and improves skin damages from dryness and dullness. Do you know Sesame seed oil also use for sunburn to protect our skin.

4- Precious for health nourishment:

Having a hair fall issue and facing problems with dry scalp and dandruff. Sesame until oil can help to recover you from this problem. It content fatty omega acid and minerals, Vitamin E, B complex to help o nourish hair and more shiner.

5- It controls blood pressure and hypertension:

Consuming sesame seeds in our daily lifestyle will help us to be physically fit also mentally fit. Having sesame seeds can help you control your blood pressure and help to overcome hypertension. It includes magnesium and antioxidant. It will help to reduce blood pressure and control hypertension problems.

Organic product India is one of the trusted companies for bulk Herbs suppliers. They export a large number of sesame suppliers with a high-quality products. They are leading organic products manufactures in India. With the promising nature and trusted company, they are exporting Indian Products to around 60+ biggest companies worldwide.

If you have any enquiry regarding products you can contact to sales@viralspices.com.

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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Dals and Pulses

Dal is the term originating in the Indian subcontinent for dried, split pulses. India is the one of the largest producer of pulses in the world. Indian cuisine’s main essence is the way in which integration of dals and pulses is done with spices. Desserts, stews, curries, soups, snacks and many other varieties of things can be made with different varieties of pulses and dals. India is one of the major exporters of pulses and dals. Organic Product

Health benefits of Dals and Pulses:

Pulses and Dals are the great source of nutrients like protein, fibre, calcium etc. Their intake in daily diet helps in leading the fit and healthy life. There are various health benefits of Dals and Pulses.

  1. Good For Heart

Dals and pulses are among the healthiest foods you as pulses are high in fiber. Also these foods are very nutritious. They are known to minimize the cholesterol level in the body and thus help to improve the heart health. Including such food in diet can prevent cholesterol based heart diseases and reduce the risk of heart attack. Also, there is high amount of potassium and low amount of sodium in some of the pulses and dals which aid in regulating blood pressure.

  1. Best source of nourishment

There is abundance of vitamins and minerals in pulses and dals if they are counted together. The varied yet important set of nutrients that these sub-groups carry fulfills a major part of ones balanced diet. Pulses are the greatest source of fiber, calcium, potassium and folate. Dals are also rich in protein, iron, vitamin B, magnesium and zinc. All the nutrients in dals and pulses are required daily by the body for its proper functioning and maintaining good health.

  1. Minimize the risk of diseases

Pulses and dals have extensive and rich nutrient profile which translates that they have numerous health benefits to offer. While many of these pulses and dals have low-glycemic index which means that they don’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels after meals which lowers the risk of diabetics. Regular consumption of these types of food can help in controlling blood sugar in diabetic patients. Dals are high in antioxidants which helps to fight off free radicals and keep the immune system strong to prevent several diseases. As they are high in fiber, they help to keep digestive tract clear.

  1. High in protein which helps in growing stages

Regular consumption of dals and pulses is a great way to intake good nutrients like protein and calcium. Vegetarians can substitute seafood and animal products in terms of nutrients. A nutritious diet is very important in growing stages. Children and adolescents need a balanced diet so that they get required energy and their body and mind can develop properly.

Veerral Agro Tech are organic and conventional oil seed, spices and pulses manufacturers in India. They supply organic as well as conventional pulses and dals all over the world. They are also known to be one of the leading bulk herb suppliers. Organic Products India and Veerral Agro Tech are the leading pulses exporters in India and dals in India since many years.

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Fenugreek: Health Benefits, Nutrition facts and Side Effects

Fenugreek seeds or Trigonella foenum graecum is a plant from the botanical family fabaceae, which is high in soluble fibre and is used in cooking and as a medicine. Fenugreek is used in spice blends and also as a flavouring agent in foods and beverages. Extracts of fenugreek is also used in soaps and cosmetics.The seeds of fenugreek can be used as a spice and its dried or fresh leaves can be used as an herb. Both its seeds and leaves are bitter in taste and relate a flavour and aroma which is similar to maple syrup.

Nutritional Facts of Fenugreek:

Fenugreek seeds have very high nutritional value*. One tablespoon of fenugreek seeds contains around 35% calories and below nutrients:

  1. Fibre: 4 grams

  2. Carbohydrate: 6 grams

  3. Protein: 3 grams

  4. Fat: 1 gram

  5. Iron: 20%

  6. Manganese: 7%

  7. Magnesium: 5%

Uses and health benefits:

  • Breast milk Production:

    We are all aware that breast milk is the prime source of nutrition for baby's development but in some cases the mother may struggle to produce sufficient amount of milk. Studies suggest that fenugreek may be a safe and natural alternative for those who have such difficulties.

  • Effects on testosterone level:

    Most of the males use fenugreek supplements in order to boost their testosterone level. Researchers have suggested that it has beneficial effects including an increased libido.

  • Maintain blood sugar levels and control diabetes:

    Fenugreek helps to lower high cholesterol level and is very useful in controlling diabetes. Metabolic symptoms associated with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be improved with the help of fenugreek as it helps in lowering blood glucose and improving glucose tolerance.

  • Other benefits of Fenugreek:

    Arthritis, high cholesterol, skin problems (wounds, rashes, and boils), bronchitis, abscesses, hair loss, constipation, upset stomach, kidney ailments, heartburn, male impotence, and other forms of sexual dysfunction can all benefit from fenugreek seeds.

Safety and Side Effects:

For healthy people, fenugreek tends to be reasonably clean. Less severe side effects such as diarrhoea and indigestion have been identified anecdotally, as with most supplements.

Reduced appetite is another possibility, which may be dangerous if you have an eating disorder or are attempting to gain weight. Furthermore, when supplementing, some people experience an odd and slightly sweet body odour, but this isn't always the case.

Organic Products India/Veerral Agro Tech is one of the most trusted bulk herb suppliers where you can source both organic and conventional fenugreek seeds or powder all under one roof. Organic Products India is a reliable and competent fenugreek suppliers, cumin, turmeric, coriander etc. Being a prominent organic products manufacturer in India, we cater to almost more than 60+ countries world wide. Whether you have a requirement of ground spices or whole, please feel to contact us at info@viralspices.com

(*Fenugreek nutritional facts)

Herbs for a better lifestyle

4 Super Herbs For A Healthy Lifestyle

Herbs consist of the luscious leaves of parsley, basil, cilantro, mint, thyme, oregano, rosemary etc. and these not only add enticing aroma, fresh flavour and vivid green colour to food, but also have remarkable and super nice health benefits. When one moves beyond thinking about herbs as pure and simple garnishes and start to see them as major culinary players, a whole world of healthy taste opens up. Veerral Agro Tech is one of the leading organic products manufacturers in India serving its products to more than 60 countries world wide. We are organic bulk herb suppliers and also export oil seeds, spices and psyllium products at a very competitive and best price.

Uses of Herbs for Healthy Lifestyle:

There are many herbs that have been used over a long time to treat certain ailments. The need for treatments was based on the illness at hand in the past days. While in these days the scenario has changed, most diseases that occur due to stress are interlinked. Herbs can alleviate issues such as heart problems, anxiety, diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and infertility caused due to stress.

Balancing of Nervous system:

Ashwagandha is a herb that literally translates to horse smell. Ashwagandha is essentially the foundation of the Ashwagandha bush that is understood for its ability to survive in each hot and cold temperatures and provides out a really horse-like smell. This herb is basically an adaptogen, i.e. it the herb which can help in balancing the nervous system and hormone release systems to provide the body with a much calmer way to deal with external stress without inducing anxiety.

Rich in anti-oxidant:

Moringa is an herb that can bless you with a huge range of benefits. Moringa is famous for its abundance in vitamins. Research have shown that moringa is rich in vitamins C, E, D, A and B and also is a very rich source of minerals such as calcium magnesium and zinc. Moringa herb is also very rich in anti-oxidants with about 46 of them present all together. Vitamins B, A and D can be highly beneficial for diabetics as they help in reducing the damage blood sugar cause to the neurological system and eyes of the patient.

Good Cardiac Health:

Grape seed extract is a very effective as a natural medicine for ensuring good cardiac health. Using grape seed extract as a part of your daily diet can help combat cholesterol and blood pressure which are the leading cause of heart attack. In a stressful lifestyle, it’s pretty common that people opt to consume fast food which has a high content of bad cholesterol and sodium levels. Use of grape seed extract is therefore very beneficial for people who are having troubles related to their heart.

Great Memory Booster:

Brahmi is thought as a good memory booster in history for hundreds of years. However there are some further blessings to Brahmi that makes it associate degree essential half of one’s daily diet. In a stressful lifestyle, folks will have a really adverse impact on their capacity and thinking capability. Brahmi has associate degree innate ability to the steroid alcohol levels in blood and thereby reduce stress and anxiety by a large margin. This makes terribly favourable if you are a person World Health Organization is having a busy work schedule that leaves you toiled and wired. Brahmi’s ability to enhance your thinking and overall intelligence may helps you in line to deadlines far more simply than having to try to it with a tired brain. Brahmi conjointly has several different further advantages that create it a really sensible supplement to incorporate to your diet to manage the adverse effects of a stressful lifestyle.

The herbs can also help in reducing the stress and anxiety levels which are at par specially during the on-going pandemic of COVID-19. To know more about the herbs and spices, do visit organic products manufacturers India's website.

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7 Reasons You Should Add Spice to Your Diet

Spices, spice seeds, and herbs are utilized as adjuncts to impart flavour and aroma or spice to foods. With the tiny quantities accustomed prepare cookery dishes, they need very little organic process worth, however they stimulate the appetency, add zest to food, and enhance flavours.

Health Benefit of Spices:

Metabolism Boosting

Spices boost one’s metabolism while pack on the flavour and kick your metabolism into gear mechanism with foods and spices like cayenne, ginger, turmeric, cumin or cinnamon. If you’re not a giant fan of spice, begin straightforward with ginger and cumin, before you’re employed your far to cayenne and turmeric. Curcumin features a big variety of biological interactions once consumed. Its medicinal drug advantages build it a decent selection for healing leaky gut, rising digestion, and addressing reaction problems with inflammatory aspect effects.

Fight Inflammation

Turmeric is an implausible inflammation fighter. It will even create a big distinction in people who are suffering from rheumatic pain. This can be due to the constituent curcumin – its active constituent and yellow bioactive compound, disposition turmeric its colour.Due to curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties, it has the ability to slow down inflammation-related ageing processes and diseases.Like turmeric, gingers also anti-inflammatory.

Lower Blood Pressure

Cardamom, cocoa and garlic area unit all wholesome spices that may facilitate lower your force per unit area naturally, whether or not you have got a chronic condition, or area unit experiencing a spike. Mix lemonlike cardamom and sweet cocoa into variety of desserts, like coconut tarts and cookies for a healthier afters choice.


Cumin could be a nice seed for digestion. One in every of its main compounds – thymic acid – aids within the production of digestive juice, abdomen acid, and biological process enzymes. This will improve the effectuality of digestion, naturally, treat haemorrhoids or facilitate forestall them, and scale back the severity of gas. Moreover, a number of these edges are attributed to the fibre content found in cumin.

Increase Circulation

Poor circulation is common, and happens once your blood isn’t freely flowing to sure components of the body. Clear it out and raise your circulation by adding a power-trio of parsley, garlic and cayenne into any of your dishes, from alimentary paste to fish.

Reduce Congestion

The chemical irritant found in spices derived from the pepper is especially useful. It helps to inhibit the neuropeptides related to inflammatory processes that turn up within the body, and it’s going to cut back pain in people with symptoms from nerve fibre disorders (arthritis, psoriasis, etc.), however chemical irritant also can cut back congestion and relieve a stuffy nose.

Fight Off Bacteria

Fend off diseases and microorganism with earthy cinnamon, antioxidant-rich oregano and detoxifying coriander. Your body will certainly thanks earlier once you don’t get sick!

Organic Products India and Veerral Agro Tech are the leading organic spices exporters in India. They are also leading bulk herb supplier and exporter in India. Thus if you are trying to find spices like organic mustard, organic black cumin, turmeric etc. then kindly contact us at info@viralspices.com.

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5 Herbs That Help You Protect from the Flu

Herbs are plants with fragrant properties that are used for flavouring and embellishing food for medicinal purposes. These are leaf part of a plant that is used in cooking either fresh or dried. Each herbhas their own set of health-promoting properties and is a fantastic way to add flavour and colour to any kind of drink or dish.

Winter is here, and while after a long summer you might love the cold air, it is also a season when influenza attacks a lot of people. Influenza is a viral infection that is prevalent during the winter time. Many individuals associate it with common cold because both are respiratory diseases. Although having similar symptoms, both are triggered by different viruses.The flu is very easy to spread and affects our lungs, throat and nose. Using kitchen herbs that act as an effective home remedy, we can protect ourselves during the flu season.

Herbs that will help you protect against the flu:

  • Andrographis

    King of the Bitters, a popular Chinese herbal medicine used for infections and inflammation, is also known. By regulating the expression of a specific peptide, which has been found to have a significant role in innate immunity, it performs its anti-microbial effects.

    In a pilot study, patients were received tablets containing mainly andrographis and a small amount of Siberian ginseng for 5 days. They experienced less flu complications relative to those in the control group. The herbs also helped to minimize the length of the illness and to induce a faster recovery. It also helped them to reduce the number of days on sick leave.

  • Berberine

    This is an active part of herbs such as coptis, phellodendron and goldenseal. Berberine was shown to minimize the mortality rate from 90 percent to 55 percent in a mouse study and decrease viral titres in the lungs 3. Berberine has also inhibited the activity of viral neuraminidase and the in vitro development of inflammatory substances, indicating that it may prevent further harm to the tissues and organs of the body.

  • Echinacea

    One of the herbs most commonly used for the treatment of influenza. By enhancing and modulating it, it acts on the immune system, and it has anti-viral and antibacterial properties. By reducing the severity of respiratory symptoms, Echinacea can improve the response to the influenza vaccine. In addition, a laboratory experiment showed that E.purpurea root avoided influenza Av. 

  • Thyme

    It contains essential oils and bitter compounds. These are believed to add to its antiseptic and immune-supporting behaviour. The thyme leaves warm up the body and specifically activate the lungs. Traditionally, thyme is used to remove mucous membranes from the lungs and reduce congestion. It is an effective cough suppressant, which is why it is used in many types of syrup.

  • Elecampane

    It has poignant properties, so it helps to expectorate and prevent coughs. Bronchitis, cough, hay fever, asthma, tuberculosis and pleurisy are traditionally used to treat them.

Veerral Agro Tech is one of the leading organic products manufacturers in India catering to more than 60 countries world wide. We supply organic oilseeds, spices, herbs and psyllium products at a very competitive price. We emphasize on delivering quality products to our customers which as compliant to their requirements. If you are looking for bulk herb suppliers, Veerral Agro Tech is one stop shop for your entire organic products requirement.

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Bulk Herbs: What Every Reseller Needs to Know

Herb is any plant with leaves, seeds or flowers which is used for flavoring food, medicine, or perfume.  The term herb is defined as a small, seed-bearing plant without a woody stem in which all aerial parts die back to the ground at the end of each growing season. Herbs come from the plant leaves that give flavor, fragrance, and variety to the food we eat. They are one of the important things to our enjoyment of eating and cuisine.

Herbs that are bright, even in color and not wilting are mostly used for storing. Storing them with stems down in a tall glass of water and then loosely cover with a plastic bag and refrigerate for 4 to 6 days. Some of the woodier fresh herbs – like rosemary and thyme – should be wrapped in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator. Replacing of old herbs regularly should be done for getting maximum flavor. One can usually substitute 1 tbsp of fresh herbs for 1 tsp of dried herbs, but always check the recipe for substitution instructions.

Reseller should know that fresh and dried herbs can add new flavors and aromas to one’s cooking without added fat, sodium or calories.

What are the varieties of herbs that bulk herb suppliers must know?

Bulk herb suppliers or resellers must know the prominent varieties of herbs present in the market as mentioned below:

  1. Basil

Basil comes in many varieties which is a strongly flavored herb. It tastes like a combination of licorice and cloves. Basil can be used in various dishes and cuisines, including pasta sauces and pesto as well. Fresh basil has more flavor than dried herbs. It is popular in Mediterranean cooking. Generally tomatoes and basil go great together as in this Tomato Salad and Basil Vinaigrette.

  1. Cilantro

Cilantro also known as coriander has a strong fragrance that is sometimes described as “soapy”. This herb goes well with spicy foods. Cilantro is used in various dishes like salsas, stir-fries, Sweet Chili Tofu Stir-Fry,curries etc. Cilantro should be added right before serving the dish for best flavor. Coriander seeds are the dried fruit of the plant and are used in a lot of Asian cooking.

  1. Oregano

Oregano known as wild marjoram because of its stronger, more pungent flavour and aroma. Dried oregano is a good substitute for fresh. Oregano goes well in tomato-based dishes, including pizza sauces, and meats. It works very well with the flavors of various types of vegetables. Try oregano in Mediterranean Zucchini and Eggplant.

  1. Parsley

Parsley is a slightly peppery, fresh-flavored herb used to season many different dishes, and is often used as a garnish. Flat leaf of parsley or Italian parsley provides more flavor than curly parsley. Dried parsley does not have the same intense flavor as the fresh one, so use fresh whenever possible.

There are many other different herbs which can be used in cooking.

Organic Products India and Veerral Agro Tech is the manufacturer and supplier of organic as well as conventional herbs. Organic Products India is one of leading bulk herb suppliers. For enquiries contact us at info@viralspices.com.