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What is the symptom of too much turmeric

What is the symptom of too much turmeric?

Turmeric is one of the scientific and spice element products which will be used in every household. It is also a supplement that is used in daily life supplement. There are many Turmeric advantages which will be helpful in our daily routine. The turmeric finger (Curcuma powder) comes from the ginger family.

Turmeric is having many natural benefits, but don’t you think we should know what our body needs nutrition from turmeric. How much quantity will be needed to consume the turmeric powder? Our body will be accepted around 0.3 mg of turmeric content, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO ) Consuming too much Turmeric can make side effects in the body which will react as stomach problems such as diarrhea, allergic reaction, and can affect our internal body parts.

There are many symptoms which show how turmeric finger/powder overdose will affect our body:-

1- Consuming too much Turmeric will be the cause of upset stomach, acid reflux, and headaches.
2- Turmeric consumption can cause you the increase the risk of kidney stones.
3- Turmeric can also cause increased stomach problems and increased acid reflux.
4- Pregnant women who included too much turmeric in their daily use can cause complications in the pregnancy, so they should recommend it to their doctor before taking turmeric supplements.
5- Taking a high dose of Turmeric can cause headaches and nausea.

Turmeric finger supplement should only be used if a doctor recommends it for a specific reason, such as medication or a blood thinner. Taking the turmeric supplement without contacting a doctor can result in negative side effects.

Let’s look at how much turmeric the human body should consume every day.

The human body needs 0.3 mg to 0.5 mg of turmeric to function normally. It will boost our immune system and keep inflammation away.

1- Turmeric can be added to your everyday meals in the form of a spice.
2- Discuss turmeric supplements with your doctor.
3- Turmeric milk can be consumed when you have a fever or a cold cough to assist your immune recovery.
4- Turmeric powder should also be consumed when attempting to lower cholesterol levels.

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Is Your Turmeric Real or Fake

Is Your Turmeric Real or Fake? Use These Smart Tricks to Find Out

When we talk about Indian cuisine, it is all about the assortment of spices used. It provides a wonderful aroma and flavour to the food. However, adulteration of spices is very common these days which is a great matter of concern especially in loosely sold spices. Mixing of lower grade materials in powdered condiments is very easy and one will never be able to know it.

One of the most common spices in Indian kitchen is turmeric which is commonly used as a flavouring agent. Turmeric is referred as an Ayurvedic medicine due to its various importance in immunity boosting and healing wounds. Turmeric powder is obtained by grinding of dry turmeric finger. Turmeric powder can easily be adulterated by adding synthetic colour dyes such as Sudan I & Sudan II as they are cheap and easy to obtain. As a matter of fact, it is quite difficult to differentiate between real and fake turmeric by just having a visual check.

Below are some ways by how we can check the purity of turmeric:

  1. Presence of Metanil yellow:

    In order to identify the authenticity of original turmeric, add a few drops of concentrated hydrochloric acid and water in a test tube of turmeric. Shake it well and observe the colour whether it changes or not. If the mixture changes to pink then it is confirmed that it had metanil yellow which can result in food poisoning.

  2. Presence for chalk powder:

    Add some water and few drops of hydrochloric acid in a test tube filled with turmeric powder. Observe if it gives off bubbles and if it does then it sure that it contains yellow soap powder or chalk powder or both.

  3. To Spotting adulterated turmeric finger:

    It is surprising to see that not just turmeric powder but also turmeric finger are adulterated with unwanted substances to look it shiny and appealing. To test the fingers of turmeric, you can add water and observe if it leaves any colour.

  4. Go for the water test:

    One of easiest and the best way to look for turmeric powder adulteration is to have water test. Take a glass of water and add some turmeric at the surface. Leave the glass for around 20-30 minutes without stirring. If the turmeric settles at the bottom of the glass then you can conclude that the turmeric is pure and if not then it is absolutely adulterated.

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Benefits of Raw Turmeric

Exploring Different Ways to Consume Turmeric

A lot has been said and written about the uses and benefits of turmeric. One of the widely used spices in Asian cuisines, turmeric with its vibrant color and distinct flavor has always mesmerized the food connoisseurs.

Talking of health benefits, raw turmeric fingers are rich in curcumin that has antioxidant properties. This is known to help treat inflammation & swelling in muscles and joints and reduce fatty buildup in vital organs. Turmeric also detoxifies the liver, fights allergies, improves digestion, and boosts immunity. In the early days, women used a paste of turmeric and oil (ubtan) on their bodies before bathing as it gave a glowing effect to their skin.

How to consume turmeric to get maximum benefits?

One of the best ways to consume turmeric is to take it in the liquid form such as in soups, tea, or even smoothie. The reason is simple. When you take any supplement or vitamin in solid form the body needs to break it down before the active ingredients are absorbed by the body. So, when you take your needed vitamin/supplement in liquid form the absorption of the nutrients takes place faster and more effectively.

This fact has been supported by various scientific studies. According to Medicare Europe, a human body generally utilizes 39-53% of capsules or tablets; however, the percentage goes higher up to 98% in the case of liquid extracts.

Do you know that raw turmeric extract has a 95% concentration of curcumin compared to its other forms like tablets or powder? Hence, it can be concluded that if you want to gain from turmeric prefer to have it in its closest natural form.

Add turmeric to your daily food intake 

There are plenty of recipes where turmeric can be used. Be it daal/lentils, vegetable, soups, etc, you can always try out different dishes with turmeric to increase your intake of turmeric. Traditional curries like rendang & Goan contain turmeric, while more contemporary recipes to have come up with turmeric as a key ingredient like popcorns, turmeric green tea and so on.

When your diet includes snacks or meals with high turmeric content, it becomes a lot easier and more convenient to get more of the turmeric benefits. This is especially important when you’re not comfortable in having them in other forms. However, it must be noted that how much turmeric your body is getting depends upon the quantity used and its proportion to the rest of the meal.

Other ways to make turmeric a part of your daily intake:

  • Add grated turmeric to your salads
  • Make a paste and use it in warm milk or as a dressing for your vegetables
  • Sprinkle grated turmeric over prepared lentils, rice, or other side dishes.
  • Mix turmeric juice with your orange juice or lemonade.
  • Use turmeric essential oils in your tea and coffees.

There are ample ways to incorporate more turmeric into your existing diet. Choose the one that suits your taste and convenience. Make sure to shop for the best quality turmeric to gain maximum from it.

Why Organic Product India’s Turmeric should be your Choice?

Organic Products India is an established brand that has proved its mettle in the organic product industry. The company offers a wide array of organic products, ranging from seeds and spices to grains and herbs. Obtained from authentic sources, the OPI products are it turmeric fingers or herbs are loaded with natural goodness and have excellent aromatic properties. Available in its closest natural form, every product of OPI surpasses the set quality standards. No wonder, the brand has made its mark not only in the domestic market but across the globe.

Benefits of Raw Turmeric


Since ages in India, Turmeric or Curcumma is considered for its medicinal benefits. Previously this secret was only confined to India and few neighbouring countries but now people across the globe have realised the benefits of Turmeric fingers. The world is now extensively involved in exploring and understanding and applying the benefits of Turmeric fingers.

Turmeric fingers are yellow in colour and exceptional healing benefits because of curcumin content in it. Higher the content better are the healing properties of turmeric fingers.

Below are some extraordinary benefits of Turmeric fingers when used in correct way:

  • Anti Inflammation:

    Due to presence of Curcumin in it, it acts as strong preventive properties against inflammation.

  • Digestion:

    Turmeric fingers, when consumed daily in powdered form is believed to boost digestion keep the gutt happy and healthy.

  • Skin health:

    Turmeric finger powder when applied to skin can cause the cut or wounds to heal faster than usual. It improves the skin health by reducing inflammation and makes the skin glow. It also has anti aging properties.

  • Anti bacterial:

    Turmeric fingers are believed to be good fighter against any bacterial infection on the skin.

  • Anti septic:

    Raw Turmeric can also be used as antiseptic which helps and prevents any cuts or wounds on the body to become septic.

  • Cardiac health:

    Raw turmeric fingers are used to boost heart health and helps to keep cardiac issues at bay.

  • Cancer issue:

    Raw turmeric fingers when consumed regularly can help in healing cancerous cells and can keep cancer at bay.

  • Diabetes:

    Regular consumption of raw turmeric fingers can help treat and prevent diabetes in people.

  • Increase immunity:

    Raw Turmeric fingers and curcumin in it is responsible for increasing immunity. It develops overall health in the body.

  • Depression:

    Turmeric fingers can act as anti depressive agents and also can avoid depression when the intake of it is regular.

Apart from above listed benefits there are many small and huge benefits of raw turmeric fingers useful in treating Alzheimer’s disease, boost brain memory, healing Arthritis, acts as blood purifier, good for eyes health. Organic Products India is one company that is known for its top-quality turmeric fingers. They supply turmeric fingers of premium quality and taste without altering much of its nutritional values. If you are looking for turmeric finger’s manufacturers then kindly contact Organic Products India- the most leading manufacturer from India at info@viralspices.com.

Evaluating the Differences between Fresh and Dried Turmeric

Evaluating the Differences between Fresh and Dried Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the widely used spices that add amazing color and flavor to dishes. Be it daal, vegetables, fish, or other non-veg cuisines, turmeric finds its way in almost all recipes. A root plant, turmeric has a bright color and pungent taste that make it unique in the spice world. Fresh turmeric fingers are earthy, peppery, and slightly bitter. It is rich in a bioactive compound known as curcumin that is anti-inflammatory in nature.

Highly rich in nutrients, these unprocessed roots when peeled, boiled, and dried are sold in the market as whole or in ground form. Easily available in grocery stores, the aroma of dried Haldi is often considered as a better indicator of quality than its color, which often varies from yellow to orange.

Whether you add turmeric to your dishes or consume it with warm milk, it’s a highly beneficial spice. However, there are some differences between turmeric powder or dried Haldi and raw turmeric. Knowing these differences can help you reap maximum benefits from the turmeric consumption. So, let’s have a look at some of these:

  • Presence of curcumin:

    This is no secret that anything in natural form has more nutrients intact than its processed version. The amount of curcumin in fresh turmeric fingers is more than in its processed or powdered form. Some amount of curcumin is lost during the processing stage. Raw turmeric also has better essential oil contents than its processed counterparts as drying and processing takes away some of its essential oil value.

  • Color contamination risks:

    As turmeric is a widely used spice, the chances of adulteration are also high. The use of artificial coloring in powdered turmeric can harm your body. However, this risk is considerably reduced when you use raw turmeric fingers.

  • Shelf life:

    Talking of the shelf life, fresh turmeric can last a few weeks if you store it in a refrigerator. Alternatively, turmeric powder when stored properly in an airtight container and away from light can last for years.

  • Enhanced digestion and immunity:

    It’s believed that nutrients of raw turmeric fingers are better absorbed by the body than their dried forms. Raw turmeric when consumed in the right quantity is linked to promoting bile secretion in the body, resulting in more improved digestion.

Additionally, it also enhances immunity, preventing cold and flu owing to its antiseptic and anti-viral properties. Fresh turmeric fingers are also associated with relieving arthritis or joint pains. Using grated raw turmeric in soups, broths and curries can be very effective for people suffering from joint pains, especially during winters.

Turmeric is a golden spice owing to its vibrant color, unique flavor, and immense health benefits. It’s been in use for thousands of years and even today it continues to enjoy its prominence in the kitchens. As to whether you must opt for fresh turmeric or powdered one, it depends upon your needs and choice. For instance, if you want to use it for a raw preparation like smoothie then turmeric fingers are best to use but if you want to use it in your recipes that need proper cooking then powdered turmeric is more convenient.

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10 Proven Benefits Of Turmeric and Curcumin

India is one of the largest exporters of Turmeric powder and Turmeric finger. Due to its good quality of curcumin turmeric, it helps to build a good amount of antibiotics. Turmeric curcumin helps to reduce heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome (Stroke orheart disease) and various degenerative conditions.

There are 10 proven benefits and natural remedies of turmeric which should be used in daily household:

  1. Helps manage weight-loss:

Turmeric is one of the anti-inflammatory content spices. We should include turmeric tea in our daily bases diet. It helps to lose weight and make the digestive system healthy. It also manages blood sugar problem.

  1. Reduces heart disease:

Turmeric curcumin helps to control high cholesterol issues and balance blood pressure. It helps control cholesterol and helps to keep our heart healthy. It reduces heart blockage.

  1. Builds immunity power:

Turmeric is one of the superpower spices which are medically proven. It contains anti-biotics which helps build immunity and reduce the risk of virus. Turmeric can reduce the risk for corona-virus symptoms also.

  1. Helps to reduce anti-ageing:

Turmeric powder is also known for its beauty treatment. It helps to reduce the anti-ageing problem and sunblock’s skin problems issues. There are many Cosmetics company use turmeric extract in their beauty product.

  1. Helps fighting anti-cancer diseases:

Turmeric curcumin anti-treatment helps to recover anti-cancer diseases. Some of the cancer cases are skin cancer, stomach cancer and breast cancer. Due to good curcumin level, it helps to kill anti-cancer bacteria and reduce the level of infection.

  1. Turmeric Finger helps to respond to arthritis pain:

Turmeric finger and powder helps to reduce arthritis pain. It contains 95% curcumin which helps to reduce pain and swells due to its anti-inflammatory property.

  1. Helps remove scars:

Turmeric powder is one of the most beneficial medical approved spices. It helps to heal burn scars, accidental scars and helps to lower the risk of infection.

  1. Beneficial in reducing depression:

In medical science, it said that Turmeric can help to reduce depression problem. Many doctors recommend taking at least ½ to 1.5 teaspoons of consumption on daily basis. It helps to reduce stress and also boost happy hormones.

  1. Helps reducing blood sugar risk:

Due to a busy lifestyle and no proper diet, many people suffer from hypertension or blood sugar diseases. It also increases the risk of brain disease and cardiac attack.

A 2013 review of studies suggests that curcumin can decrease the level of glucose in blood, as well as other diabetes-related complications.

  1. Helps fighting cold and flues:

It is said that Turmeric is one of the anti-septic property spices. It helps to reduce symptoms of cold, cough and flu. Having turmeric powder drink in daily life helps to boost immunity.

Organic product India and Veerral Agro tech are some of the leading turmeric exporters in India exporting both turmeric powder and turmeric fingers. They also deal with many herbs and whole spices to export from India.

Turmeric Finger farming by Organic Products Manufacturers in India

Turmeric Farming

Turmeric is a sacred spice from India. It is nicknamed “Indian solid Gold” or “Indian Saffron” owing to its golden yellow color. Turmeric’s Botanical name is “Curcuma longa” which belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. It has a profound use as a flavoring & dyeing agent. The extract is used in pharmaceutical industries and Ayurvedic industries. It is commonly used in all Asian dishes.

India is the largest producer and exporter of turmeric in the world. There is a lot of demand for turmeric Finger with high curcumin content. As the demand for Organic Spices is increasing, the demand for Organic Turmeric fingers and Organic Spices has increased.

  • Climatic Conditions for Turmeric Farming:
    Turmeric is a tropical herb which is grown in the subtropical and tropical region. It requires Humid Climatic Conditions and rainfall of 1500mm or more per annum or a proper irrigation system. Turmeric Fingers is available during 2 seasons in India i.e. from February to May and August to October. It is grown in rotation with sugarcane, chili, onion, garlic, wheat, Ragi, vegetables. It is grown as a subsidiary crop to ginger in some reason. Turmeric is also grown organically, providing the rotational crop should also be organic. There are many organic spices manufacturers in India that deal with organic turmeric powder and organic turmeric fingers. Organic Products India is one of the better-known exporters & organic products manufacturers in India, who are mainly focused on Organic Spices. Fresh turmeric is cured by obtaining Dry turmeric. The fingers are separated from mother rhizomes and cured in boiling water. After boiling cured turmeric fingers, they are dried naturally or with the help of a drying Pump. After drying, they are polished by rubbing manually or by using an automatic mechanical rubbing machine.
  • Spacing:
    The Rhizome (weight: 25-30gms)) are is dibbled at a depth of 4 cm with a spacing of 45*15cm.
  • Planting:
    To begin, seed material from high yielding local varieties may be used in the absence of organically produced seeds. The seed is sometimes sprouted under moist straw before sowing. For sowing, both the mother ‐ rhizomes and fingers are used. The fingers are cut into 3‐ 5 cm long pieces, and the mother rhizomes are planted as such or split into two; each having at least one sound bud. A seed rate of 1000 kg rhizomes is required for planting one acre of land. As an intercrop in a fruit‐garden seed rate may be as low as 125 ‐ 200 kg per acre. At the time of planting 25 g powdered neem cake mix well with soil is applied in each pit taken at a spacing of 20‐25 cm within and between rows. Turmeric needs heavy manuring. Turmeric can be planted during April‐July with the receipt of pre-monsoon showers. The yield of Pure crop varies from 8000kg to 10000kg per acre. Under exceptionally favorable condition. A proper irrigation system gives the crop approx. 12000‐13000kg per acre.

As a turmeric powder manufacturer, we take special care when it comes to the procurement of turmeric and organic turmeric fingers and powders. There is a high demand for turmeric powder having a curcumin content of 5 to7%. Organic Products India is one of those suppliers who can supply the turmeric powder with good quality.