Health benefits of Chia Seeds

5 Versatile Health benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds come from the herbaceous plant Salvia Hispanica L., best known for its high omega-3 content. They are a powerful superfood used in energy drinks for thousands of years. Chia seeds were a staple for ancient Aztecs and Mayans; they used to mix water and lime to make an energy drink quite popular at that time. They are actually great sources of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Chia seeds have several health benefits. Here’s a sneek peek at some of them:

  • Improves Skin Health and Controls Premature Aging:

Chia seeds are high in antioxidants and thus help accelerate skin repair from day-to-day damage. Premature aging can be controlled and prevented by regular consumption of chia seeds too.

  • Treats Diabetes:

Chia seeds are high in fiber content, which plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels. Some researchers have also proved that chia seeds can control obesity as they help reduce belly fat tissues.

  • Increases Bone Strength:

Calcium is an integral component when it comes to bone health and strength.  contain boron, an element that helps to metabolize manganese, phosphorus, and calcium, thus further improving bone health.

  • Improves Digestion and Facilitates Weight Loss:

Bowel movements can be regularized due to the high fiber content in chia seeds. Because Chia seeds absorb water quickly and expand in the stomach, they are pretty filling even when consumed in low quantities. This can help you to control the amount of food you eat thereby contributing to weight loss.

  • Fights Cancer:

Various studies have proved that chia seeds reduce the growth of cancer cells in both, breast and cervical cancers. They are known to kill cancerous cells without harming healthy cells in the body.

  • Helps Expecting Mothers Stay Healthy:

Expecting mothers are advised to add chia seeds to their daily diet as they help to maintain their health and also aid in the baby's development. The high content of omega-3 fatty acids helps in the development of the baby's health and also assists in fulfilling the lost nutrients in the mother.

  • Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases:

High fiber and omega-3 present in chia seeds help reduce the risk of heart diseases. Chia seed supplements may also reverse oxidative stress.

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